No, you obviously don’t

As always, over time, a phrase can become so abused by those that willingly use any old soundbite to justify their actions, they no longer hear what they are saying, nor understand how stupid it makes them look. A case in point –

Brighton Green councillor ‘should go’ in gay vote row

A Christian councillor who voted against allowing gay couples to marry should be expelled from Brighton’s Green group, an inquiry panel has said.

Christina Summers voted against a motion on government plans to allow gay marriage, defying Green Party policy.

An inquiry panel which examined the issues gave its findings on Monday.

So, regardless of the party line, Christina Summers stood her ground and voted against this, and now you want to sack her, for standing up for what She believed in.

Ms Summers said the Green Party was discriminating against Christians, but the party said it defended free speech and freedom of beliefs.

It is quite obvious, from your actions that you don’t. What you actually mean is you will defend free speech and freedom of belief if you like what the person says and believes. Which really isn’t the same thing is it?.

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  1. September 11, 2012 at 10:57

    Yes, the obvious question is how she could have been un-Green for opposing an entirely different matter. Gay “marriage” has nothing whatever to do with the environment.

    The reality is though, as everyone knows, these are the hijacked greenies, the people who have taken legitimate concern for the environment – left, right, centre, indifferent – hijacked the cause and imposed their leftist/feminist poisonous PC all over it.

  2. September 11, 2012 at 13:09

    Yep. What sourpus and James said.

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