Oh do f*** off

Minister’s call to broadcasters over women’s sport

New Culture Secretary Maria Miller has written to broadcasters urging them not to cut their coverage of women’s sport now London 2012 is over.

Mrs Miller said the success of Team GB’s female athletes had been truly inspirational.

The huge TV audiences showed the public had a real appetite for mainstream coverage of women’s sport, she added.

If the public’s appetite for female sport really was that huge, there would be no need to demand broadcasters show more of them. Sports channels make their money from viewers. Viewers decide which sports are more popular. The broadcasters really don’t give a s**t what sex the sport is, they only care about the viewers, viewers make the moolah.

I think what Maria Miller actually meant was ‘ I have a f***ing womb and I will use it, I don’t care if your viewers think man sport is better than women sport, us girls did good at teh lympics, so show more f***ing ribbon twirling and wimmin crying when they lose else I’ll slap you in the face, kick you in the nuts and scream SEXISM till you give me what I want’.

Whilst the rest of the world went yawn…………….. and flicked over to the watch the weekends GP highlights.

Piss off, you useless, feminazi sack of f***ing s**t. Who the f*** wants to watch a bunch of girlies, checking their newly spray painted nails, and then blaming everything from the weather to their sex life when they lose. That’s what premier league football is for.

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  1. September 16, 2012 at 20:34

    Welcome to Title IX.

  2. ubermouth
    September 16, 2012 at 22:42

    “Who the f*** wants to watch a bunch of girlies, checking their newly spray painted nails, and then blaming everything from the weather to their sex life when they lose.”

    I don’t think there’s a female athlete alive who has achieved what she has nail gazing. They work just as hard as the men to achieve their successes and there are many people who enjoy watching their sports,myself included.

    And male sport does dominate, doesn’t make someone a femininazi to notice.

  3. Seaside Sourpuss
    September 17, 2012 at 07:50

    I apologise to everyone for my potty mouth.I meant to go back and edit this but my pc died. It has taken me hours to figure out my daughters phone and even longer to figure out how to post this reply (James, you should have just taken all the rude words out, I did give you gaffers rights). I didn’t say women had achieved their successes through nail gazing, I said I was sick of them blaiming everyone else for their lack there of. Victoria Pendleton being a classic case. Her ‘I had to work harder than anyone else because I shagged the coach and everyone was mean to me’ became so annoying it made her impossible to watch. If so many people like watching female athletes the figures will reflect this and the tv channels will up the coverage. Screaming it should be so simply because they are women is 100%, in your face sexism. As a woman it makes me cringe and over all It does more harm than good

  4. Rossa
    September 17, 2012 at 07:52

    “I don’t think there’s a female athlete alive who has achieved what she has nail gazing.”

    Think that was Flo Jo, wasn’t it? Her nails were all part of her image. But then she’s not alive so that statement stands today.

    The only reason IMO that male sport dominates is more men are interested in sport, both watching it and participating in it, than most women. I have no interest in sport though I have watched it from time to time and did watch some of the Olympics. If they did show more womens’ sports on TV that wouldn’t change for me at all. Got better things to spend my money on…….like getting my nails done 😉

  5. September 17, 2012 at 09:26

    Strangely [or not] many readers here know that I’m a keen fan of the Brazilian [and GB] wimmin’s volleyball team. I did watch the men’s for a while but it was boring for two reasons:

    1. hairy men bending over is not my cup of tea;
    2. the girls were a bit slower and so you could actually see the ball being thumped – you saw the arc and the skill behind it, rather than just the raw power.

    With my football team though, it’s all about speed, crunching tackles and finesse in the passing. Sorry but it has to be the men there.

    Tennis is boring on both counts. A man’s serve – thump and it’s over – not entertaining. The women are pretty until they start grunting, then they’re like farm animals.

    Cycling I see them as pretty similar interestwise – both are exciting.

    Motor racing – not a place for girls. Skiing – both sexes, esp. the downhill, hockey – girls please, football [soccer] – men, rugby – men although girls’ touch rugby is fast and fun [WN2 played that].

    Just my thoughts.

  6. ubermouth
    September 17, 2012 at 17:13

    Myself I LOVE gymnastics[both sexes but prefer females, as they do different routines], I do enjoy tennis, horse- jumping and figure-skating. All those sports I find enjoyable to watch regardless of the gender.

    Obviously some sports are more suited to men[like rugby],but that aside, why do people always have to make it yet another reason to make it a division of the sexes ?

  7. Amfortas
    September 18, 2012 at 02:25

    Women ‘doing’ sport is no problem. Men ‘doing’ sport isn’t either. The problem comes with comparison with ‘popularity’ as an excuse for the most stupid statements and demands from both sides.

    Most ‘men’s’ sport is boring and flashy. Football? Dull. Cricket? Dull as ditchwater. Tennis? Excruciating. Rugger? God plays it. But each to his own. Netball,? Grindingly slow. Beach Vollyball? Pathetic. Tennis? Loud. Gymnastics? Almost divine. God watches it.

    Don’t even get to mountain bike racing or skateboards. Ping Pong? AAAGHHH ! Archery? Well, an exception where men and women are equally matched. Shooting, the same. But the Javelin? Oh come on. And ‘putting’ that shot thingo. Lord help us.

    Pay them all the same? Yep, why not. 4p a game. It is supposed to be enjoyed. Pay women the same millions as men for a tennis comp? Not when they only do 2/5ths of the performance. Have women no shame? No self-respect?

    What irks me are the adulations, the cash, the rudeness, the boasts, the demands and tantrums.

    Let women do their own thing and men do theirs. Let the public decide who gets rewarded, if reward is to be given. Pay in ‘thumbs up-driven’ commercial sponsorship only.

    And ‘Gold medals’, ‘World Championships’ etc should go only to the ONE person who betters everyone else. The very idea that a professional woman sprinter who beats just other women can be given such an accolade in a time that that would not even qualify for a starting position for an amateur man is plainly ridiculous. Have women no shame?

    There are some wonderfully ‘watchable’ sports and some that take the breath away. Some are more difficult to appreciate unless you ‘know’ them.

    My favourite sporty person? Sveta Kapinina.


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