Sollecito, Couric and sub judice

You may have seen the news item about Katie Couric interviewing Raffaele Sollecito.   Ms Couric was sent quite a few messages that the case is still sub judice and she needs to be careful how she phrases her questions.

This was at TJMK:

Heads-up to Katie Couric’s producers and new readers: (1) Sollecito’s correct legal status is that he STILL stands accused of Meredith’s murder unless and until the Italian Supreme Court signs off on the case’s outcome. We have reason to believe they are far from happy right now, and that a new appeal trial is all but certain. (2) We’ll have a couple of posts next which would enable Katie to blow Sollecito right out of the water. That will make useful news for ABC, help the family of the real victim, and convince millions of Italians the US is finally doing the right thing.

The situation is that these two are still convicted murderers until the case is signed off by the Supreme Court.   The chances of that are low as there is a scathing appeal against the Hellman appeal currently before the Supreme Court and it pulls no punches, nor does it go for brevity – virtually everything the two appeal judges said and did has been appealed against in some detail.

This current appeal has been brought by the Chief Prosecutor of Umbria, not the original prosecution and this is makes quite a difference, given the esteem he is held in by the Supreme Court.   The Supreme Court need only find a one irregularity, rather than the dozens charged in Hellman’s handling of the case in order to overturn the verdict.

That would put Knox and Sollecito back in Italy facing a new appeal trial with proper judges.  Time frame for the SCV is probably before Christmas.  That’s aside from the calumny case.

The reason this blog can call the two “convicted murderers” is because they were convicted as murderers.   They have not been finally legally released as yet, the geographical situation notwithstanding.


This is not a bad one on Sollecito himself.

3 comments for “Sollecito, Couric and sub judice

  1. ubermouth
    September 12, 2012 at 21:11

    I doubt that she will ever step foot in Italy to be tried again [although if Sollecito is Italian that may be a different matter]. Even if the Italian court appeal to the States to give her up,it’s not likely that they will.

    I look forward to more of your posts on this case though,James.

  2. September 13, 2012 at 09:40

    The gamechanger is going to be the SC appeal verdict. If they agree Hellman and Zanetti were way out of order, then the whole game is blown wide open again.

    Even if Knox manages to stay in the U.S., she’ll be distrusted by many.

    If the SC throws out the appeal – and look what happened at the first appeal [although Berlusconi has gone now] – then it is one of life’s tragedies. We will have done what we could at this distance for the Kercher family. They will not have found that closure and it would be a tragedy in itself.

    Possibly it will become like Roman Polanski – the world knowing and yet unable to bring him to justice. Casey Anthony too.

  3. ubermouth
    September 13, 2012 at 18:52

    I have to admit that I have followed every word that you have written about this case,and your research has been topnotch. Whilst we cannot help poor Meredith, blogs like this have probably been a godsend to her family.

    It will indeed be a grave injustice [as was the appeal that saw them ‘off the hook’] if the SC does not quash the appeal ruling.

    Even if the Italian courts can’t bring Knox back to pay for her crimes, she will be forever stigmatized as guilty of murder if the appeal is successful. Not good enough by a long shot, it will at least brand her appropriately for what she is…a sociopathic murderer.

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