… with this s***, already.

Paralysed teenager who has been on life support since birth is told to attend ‘interview’ to prove he can’t work or lose his benefits.

Oh for crying out loud. It not like the DWP singled this guy out and demanded he drag his disabled son down to the local job centre on threat of arrest and imprisonment. It’s a generic, computer generated letter sent to all claimants of disability benefits.

All the father actually had to do was this –

a) Contact The Daily Mail with tales of hardship, heartbreak and his bank details.

b) Phone the DWP and explain the situation.

He could have chosen option b) He would have been asked, horror of horrors, to actually provide proof that his son is as disabled as he claims.


He chose option a), I was shocked, shocked I tell yah.

Having chosen option a) He could, of course, then seek out the Daily Mail and claim that the DWP want him to drag his disabled son down to the local job centre just to prove he is disabled, or he could simply send them a Drs Letter, that states his son is so disabled that He cannot be expected to work.

The point of this letter, and the awful, horrific, life changing cuts to benefits for the sick and terminally lazy (and their carers), that lay behind it, is to weed out the latter, not force the former to drag their their poor disabled bodies down to the local job centre.

It is quite obvious that Liam Barker is unfit for work, and has been since birth. A quick phone call, with follow up Drs letter would have sorted this out. I suspect that Liams father is more upset about the DWP’s demand that He prove He his entitled to the eye watering ‘carers allowance’ he claims, for looking after his own child.

An allowance that pays him a nice little earner, because he can’t possibly work, due to his sons disability, even though he can some how find time to meet with a Daily Mail reporter, to plead his case.

No one expects Liam Barker to go to work. However, it would appear there is nothing stopping his Father from getting off his lazy arse and going and getting a proper  job. Seriously, If you have time enough to entertain the DailyMail, their reporters and camera men, then there is nothing stopping you from going out and getting a real job, is there?

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  1. ubermouth
    September 23, 2012 at 09:55

    Do you have any concept of what is involve in caring for someone so disabled? Or even the pittance that is ‘carer’s allowance’?

    I have worked with quads and I can tell you that just getting them up,washed, dressed and in their chair is 3 hours. 2 hours to get them into bed.

    Your attitude that anyone who requires any form of government assistance are lazy ,benefits cheats is offensive especially in light of that fact that it would be inconceivable that you, yourself, as a mother has never been a recipient of any government assistance/tax breaks or means tested benefits.

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