The Fashion Police

Whilst the rest of the known Universe ponders the very strange events in France, Inspector Gadget is there, quick as a flash, to point out how terribly dashing the Gendarmes look, with their sunglasses, tasers and combat trousers tucked into their boots.

Which only goes to prove the old saying, clothes do not maketh the man. Regardless of their snazzy shades, tantalizing tazers and trousers tucked into socks boots, the Gendarme have proven they can still fuck it right up, just as good as the next copper*.

Perhaps, next year, the Gendarme could have some discrete but decorous heat sensing equipment strapped to their belts.

*Having said that it only took them 8hrs not 8 days to find this particular young lady, must have been the Government issue Raybans wot done it.

2 comments for “The Fashion Police

  1. September 8, 2012 at 20:33

    Nice to see Gadget getting to the crux of the matter in such a sensitive way.

  2. ivan
    September 8, 2012 at 20:58

    You do realise the Gendarmerie are actually part of the French military.

    I was speaking with one of our local gendarme today and to paraphrase his reply to the question why did the wait so long, ‘when orders come from Paris you don’t put your position on the line by not obeying them’.

    Another thing, if you really want to see the hard men have a look at the CRS – the riot police – they make the UK lot look like pussies.

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