The headlines say it all

Britain must champion the wealth creators, say Tories

Vince Cable is praying for economic growth

And there it is in one.

For a start, why are the Tories only saying this now?  Answer is partly that they always were, the true conservatives but so many of those who were MPs did not go public for fear of Cameron and losing office.   Therefore they did a Burkian “good men saying nothing”.

Then there’s Cable.   Why is it that non-believers, when the chips are down, suddenly start praying to One they don’t believe in?   Do they seriously think that He is going to heed those who’ve been slagging Him off all these years?   And when things do go down, this type then turns around and says – there’s no god, see?

Lord, open these people’s eyes.

There is no “pie”, there is no “wealth” unless someone creates it.   Obama, with his speech slagging off the wealth creators, the people with the ideas, who got together the resources, saying that anyone who’s been a success owes it all to the workers and that that creator actually did nothing but ride on the workers’ backs – he shows 1.  his Marxist credentials which people still, unbelievably, try to deny and 2. a lack of understanding of the nature of wealth creation.

People only do things with incentive, i.e. that there will be a return for them somewhere down the track.   Therefore he sets up a corner shop to sell goods.  He hopes people will buy.   If they do, he employs others.   These people certainly increase the wealth of the proprietor but they also take remuneration which they agreed to in return.   If that boss is any good, then the wealth will continue and so will their jobs.

However, the boss himself, consumed by “the business”, is inclined to forget that as humans, they have certain basic needs and the days of Bob Cratchit are a disgrace and Scrooge was a mean-minded sod who was on the path to hell.   In fact, it’s bad business because a happy workforce is a non-striking workforce, unradicalized.

Into this come the Shop Steward and the Union.   Ostensibly to fight for the workers, it really becomes trying to tear down free enterprise by choking it with unreasonable demands and those head honchos become petty tsars in their own right and are useless as the EU.  That’s how Liverpool went down – the union tsars choked it to death.

And elsewhere – business and high-fliers are being driven offshore and overseas because of the crippling misunderstanding of the nature of wealth creation.   The only way to get wealth flowing is to give incentives – real incentives, not the rubbish the government schemes were offering – £25 a week to live on, that sort of thing.   And those people had not a clue how to set up and run a business.

What incentives? Handouts?

No – drastic tax cuts, a fair tax regime with a flat 25% on everyone, regardless plus NI contributions for the needy [1%] and yes, there are still going to be the genuinely needy, e.g. the elderly [for medical, bus passes etc. but not pensions] and the truly disabled and then a slush fund [1% further tax] through a business council made up of businessmen for incentives to would-be businessmen in industries which create or trade, not some Shoreditch rubbish – that’s the start.

As for debts to the false lenders like the WB, IMF, ECB – just write them off here and now.   The human cost to us honouring these leeches who are lending back to us on what they have taken away in the first place is a nowhere operation.   True Tories who believe in living within a budget and paying back what is owed do not seem to understand that this debt to the leeches is false debt – it’s a banker created “ledger” legerdemain which is not debt in the least.

Refuse to pay that and the leeches collapse.

Then the problem of the aging retired population without sufficient to live on.   There’s no easy solution but neither can society have them just die off like that, much as the unforgiving Gen X might like to see it.  Some sort of work for benefits might be the go here for those already over 50 as an option, should they wish to take that up.  Close to slave labour, yes but it keeps the wolf from the door for those who have not been wise about saving.

I share the Tory notion of wealth creation, as you can see but do not share the Tory lack of compassion for those who have actually messed up.  No Christian could turn a blind eye to these.   Schemes such as the one just mentioned, getting value back from the aging population with nothing and offering similar to the down and outs, should they wish to get off their butts and contribute their time and manpower – that’s all they’re going to get.

So I imagine councils would offer these schemes but as this would reduce the cost of road repair, manning helpdesks, whatever, this would be returned through lowered council taxes.   And what of expertise?   Learn on the job of course.   People are capable of learning things, you know.

And what of those who’ve gone the proper route – working all their lives, paying in, now expecting a trouble-free retirement?   Well they get it and what’s more, the government keeps its greedy paws off any of this “wealth” because it belongs to them and then alone, the contributors.   According to the rules, such as they were when these people were working, they are entitled to return on what they paid in.   And sure bring in your LVT for the under 50s if you want but as for those who played by the rules – hands bloody-well off!

These schemes for the unwise elderly just referred to – it’s only for the previously feckless non-savers.   It stops the taxpayer being burdened because it creates labour at a fraction of the cost and lowers council tax, it keeps the previously feckless from death’s door – it’s not nice and not fun but it’s the only conceivable way to go which covers most bases.

Now that is not only “fair”, to quote the word most misused by the left but it also protects freedom. Freedom has always been most protected in free enterprise societies where people were proud of what they’d created and of their jobs. This is the only guarantee of freedom in life.

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  1. September 9, 2012 at 07:24

    With the new 75% income tax on salary of more than 1 million, France is getting a teensy weensy bit paranoid about rich people emigrating. You should have seen the hoo-ha on TV last night about the head of LVMH announcing he’s going for dual Belgian/French nationality. And the emphasis that he had to put on his claims that he’s going to stay resident in France for tax purposes.

  2. September 9, 2012 at 08:20

    Must be fascinating in a train wreck way over there.

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