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Commenter Gloria:

Amanda Todd’s mother is a teacher. As a university professor I worked with teachers for over 30 years. My experience in talking with them about disciplining students in their classes who act aggressively or in a mean way is that the teachers simply refuse to think about the problem and refuse to do anything about it.

Teachers are trained to “value” all students and are quite unable to make any judgments about the students they teach. In practice, what this means is that the meanest student in the classroom rules that room. The teacher simply smiles and refuses to acknowledge that there is any problem for the other students.

Amanda’s mother simply carried her refusal to act in the classroom setting to her own home. Apparently she allowed her daughter to continue frequenting web sites and posting on them. I believe this is what some psychologists have described as a “bystander” phenomenon. People look at evil being done and they do nothing about it.

I suspect that the sudden new programs on bullying will have no effect or only a temporary effect because the problem of teachers–persons in authority–is that the teachers refuse to take on responsibility. A refusal to assume responsibility for what is occurring in one’s environment seems to me to be a trait of the generation that Amanda’s mother belongs to.

The lack of responsibility and the inaction seem to go together.


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    There is another good comment from KathleenP

    “I think the point is that, yes, in the “old days” all that terrible s**t was going on just like it is today, but it was still possible for responsible parents to shield and protect their children from it. If you didn’t want your daughter to end up sexually humiliated and driven to suicide all you had to do was avoid selling her to a pimp.

    These days it’s like if parents turn their backs for a second their children can access an entire universe of corruption. And parents’ values were reinforced by the culture, rather than directly opposed like they are today. Parents were not pressured to be their children’s “friends”, and asserted their authority with confidence. Although porn existed, it did not require 24/7 vigilance on the parent of the parents to keep their children away from it.”

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    Absolutely, AKH.

  4. October 24, 2012 at 22:12

    There was a comment from one of the three women or so most vehemently against me and apart from the usual rhetoric about how bad I am, how hypocritical, that I mistreat women and am the anti-Christ, it did make a few points I need to comment on.

    Firstly, the post comprised a comment by another woman – it was not me making the comment.

    Secondly, when I ask: “Any thoughts,” it’s usually an indicator that I haven’t made my mind up. Where I have, it’s far more forthright than that.

    Thirdly, I don’t see how this woman’s comment relating to Amanda Todd could have anything to do with something from 2007 or how I, personally, am the worst person in the world. It’s not about me – it’s about Amanda Todd.

    Lastly, the old motif about me always thinking I’m right is the perfect example of a person thinking she’s always right projecting her own thang onto someone else.

    There’s nothing on this blog to do with right or wrong in terms of fact or fiction. It is simply a report of what is, with supporting documentation. The question of what I think personally doesn’t come into it.

  5. October 25, 2012 at 13:11

    If I were as unamenable as a certain lady makes out, then I’d not bother reading and not bother replying. It seems there are certain fundamental principles two people who just wrote to me do not “get”.

    1. I am an independent. I conduct my own campaigns at this site and sometimes at OoL and that’s the sum total of it. I never go to other people’s blogs to wage war and I’d invite anyone to peruse any comments at other blogs from me and they’ll see what I’m saying.

    When I go to another person’s blog, I am a guest there. Therefore I behave as such, always have and always shall.

    I have never conducted campaigns via email and am not interested in them. If unhappy about something, it should always appear on the blog.

    2. If I buy into an issue, these are almost exclusively against targets like the government, Them, the feminazis etc. and are conducted on this blog and sometimes at OoL, if the topic is germane.

    Only once have I ever gone for an individual online, in 2007 and though it was essentially correct, as evidence showed, it damaged me enormously because of his spin and behind the scenes moves plus his ongoing vilification. However, that was the price for doing the right thing and I was happy enough to wear it.

    I buy into the issues I wish to and state upfront what they are. Two people recently have tried to involve me in their own issue with a third party and frankly, I don’t buy.

    3. I am not responsible for what third parties do. Far from “sitting back and doing nothing”, if I get to know that a person I know is doing naughties, then I write to them and say, maybe 30/40 times – no, don’t do it, there’s no percentage, leave it be and get a life.

    I was advised in 2008 to do exactly that in the case of the one individual I mentioned above and I took that advice. What happened then remains then.

    If I have no idea what a third party is doing because we’re out of touch, then how on earth can I be “sitting back and doing nothing”? A person has to know something in order to “do nothing”. That’s simple logic.

    4. I have a real life and a blog life. The real life has zero to do with any of these people some try to associate me with and even less can I govern their actions. Life is too short to buy into petty squabbles.

    There have been people I’ve stepped in to help in the past and on those matters, at those times only, I helped if I could. That’s the sum total of it. If there is any new issue, it is taken on its merits.

    I decide these as far as they govern my actions, not anyone else. No one drags me into something unless it is done on my terms. If they won’t accept that, then communication ceases.

    Therefore, the issues I do buy into, e.g. feminazism, I quite happily stand by and don’t apologize, for the simple reason that if I had to apologize for them, then I should never have pursued them in the first place.


    5. Life’s too short. And mine is getting distinctly shorter. Therefore, I shall not indulge in a war of words with any individual on some extraneous peripheral issue – I am interested only in the macro-issues and how they affect society. That is my mission and I’ll not be deflected from it.

    6. Certain friendships arise over time. If I count myself someone’s friend, then as an adult, that friend does what he/she wants to do and what has that to do with me? We are starting to go around in circles now. I shall not cease those friendships just because someone tells me to, nor must I agree with everything they do.

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