Autumn Sunday musings

Well, we went for our wander today, as no doubt did you and Cherie’s right about autumn not being quite ready to be photographed yet.  Our big tree is close to but not quite in shedding mode yet.

Ducks were getting feisty and we saw things which hadn’t be seen for some time.   There was what seemed like a territorial dispute and ducks were paddling at breakneck pace all over the place, leaving a long wake behind them, going straight at rivals who’d take low flight and land twenty yards away.

Meanwhile, lots of preening and oiling was going on, then two ducks didn’t just upend, they submarined for some time.   The wake from one duck, after he stopped, kept rippling outwards for a good half minute after he’d stopped.   There were no seagulls but when we stopped, then there were two, then ten, then …

I said it was like Hitchcock’s birds – they were going to come for us – keep an eye on the chain railing for them perching – the perching is the dangerous thing.  Meanwhile, one came in for a landing, wings outstretched, landing gear down and then plopped neatly into the water.

Two boys were a pain in the butt nearby and my mate mentioned this habit boys have of losing balance and falling off walls into canals.   Next thing they were down by the water [of their own volition] and I called out for them to be careful.   One looked up and almost fell in.

The swans were keeping their distance and I wondered about all that good meat but apparently it’s illegal to eat them.   However, the ducks were getting interested in what looked like food and came over and we were quite interested then in what looked like food too.  “Can you do crispy duck?” I asked.

Short of conversation for some minutes, I told of the incident yesterday when I had to take stock downstairs but it was all children’s wear – unfortunately, 10/11 year old girls’ smalls.   It’s all right, I told customers  – I’m Jimmy Saville.   Good that shoppers have a sense of humour, don’t you think?

Difficult day today for two people but next week has three days in a row which I’d prefer not to have, two involving decisions and one requiring me to take on a utilities company and no let them off the hook – that might require a whole day and multiple calls.

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  1. October 14, 2012 at 23:25

    Thank you 🙂

    I love this post, this is you writing at your best. Humor, life, politics, friends (and so much more), all intermingled subtly within one post.

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