Bond 50 – MI6 survey on favourite films

Today is the 50th anniversary of Bond.

MI6 ran a comprehensive poll on the best Bond films and the results are below.   Looking through it, it’s rarely your humble blogger agrees with survey results but on this one – can’t find too much to fault.   For example, I’ve always rated Goldeneye and FYEO higher than most reviewers and respondents seem to have put these two in the right place on the list, give or take a few places.

A few personal notes which I don’t expect you’ll be all that interested in:

1.  CR:  As a film in its own right, up there with OHMSS, terrible theme song, scores strongly for romance – there must be a love interest in every Bond and it needs to develop like this, not like Stacey’s, “James! James!”

2.  GF:  Never did it for me – US locations are boring – but Oddjob was great and there were so many iconic things in GF.

3.  FRwL:  Loved Daniela though she was no beauty, thought Sean was a bit naff in it, didn’t think the fight was all that bad, good villain though.   True to the original. Kerim Bey excellent.

4.  OHMSS: Never been crazy for D Rigg and GL was naff but he fought well and did romance quite well.  As a film overall though, it’s right up there with the best. Armstrong song makes it.

5.  GE: Realize SB is not liked by many today for RL issues but he makes a great baddy.  PB was good here and the shrewish love interest was pretty.  Settings were good.  Great reboot to the series at the time.  Great film.

6.  TSWLM:  Only saw it once, don’t like B Bach’s attitude in RL but the film is rated highly by most people.  Think Jaws was in it – cool monster.

7.  TB:  Underwater scenes too long, nice girl, wasn’t bad, best song of all.

8.  TLD: Controversial film, Dalton OK, overdoes the angry with the scrunched up face, MdA pretty but a bit naff, don’t want a woman to be that compliant.  Not bad overall.

9.  Dr No:  Not as good as many make out, soft ending, don’t like H Ryder as a character.  Sean singing was naff.

10.  FYEO:  Too far down this list.  Great film, Topol excellent, romance not bad, Roger too old, sadly.

11.  LaLD:  Don’t like JS in real life but she’s good in this, song excellent, a bit stylized about blacks, villain excellent, poor way he died, Roger very good.

12.  LtK:  Didn’t like it but because it was bland US again.  A little too gritty but not bad storyline.

13.  TND:  The kick butt woman/Chinese thing backfired, most don’t like that, pretty ordinary film.

14.  YOLT:  Ridiculous having Sean as Jap, Barry score great, great vistas, naf space scenes, big warehouse ending a yawn.

15.  QoS:  Detest the ungrateful, kickbutt OK, into herself.  Daniel quite good, carried the film, not a great film – romance would have lifted it enormously.   Must have romance.

16.  TWINE:  Sophie.  That’s all.   Messy film, last half drags, too dark.   R Coltrane good.  Sexy scientist.

17.  OP:  MA too old and scrawny for title role, SB way over the top, Roger too comic, some good bits.

18.  TMwtGG: Knick-knack not bad, rest of it forgettable, apart from location.

19.  DaF:  Sean barely managed, naf villains, liked the faked moon landing bit, opening scenes not bad.

20.  DaD:  Opening good, hotel bit good, various bits good, Zao good, RP bland as bad girl, HB overrated and the kickbutt an utter bore – when will these things be dropped?  Ruined it.  Invisible car and CGI naf.

21.  AVtaK:  Opening scenes not bad, CW a good villain, kickbutt GJ a bore but her ending good.  Closing scenes good.

22.  MR: Forget it.

5 comments for “Bond 50 – MI6 survey on favourite films

  1. October 5, 2012 at 06:25

    What about the radio Bond who predated all those, played by “I’ll have a P please” Bob Holness (Moonraker, 1956) and the one-hour CBS version of Casino Royale (1954), starring Barry Nelson?

  2. October 5, 2012 at 08:14

    Well done, Sackers.

  3. JD
    October 5, 2012 at 08:15

    …why this obsession with Bond?

    John le Carré described the character as an international gangster.
    Somewhat hyperbolic but, at the very least, Bond is a very unpleasant individual (especially in the way he treats women)

  4. October 5, 2012 at 08:46

    Yes, I’d like to see him stick to the one.

  5. Sniper
    October 5, 2012 at 15:45

    “Loved Daniela though she was no beauty”

    How dare you Sir!

    I demand satisfaction!

    Behind the Cathedral at Dawn!

    Name your seconds!

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