Bond à la française

Vesper: “Can’t you find a bathroom for that?   Do you need cotton buds?”

Had a lot of fun reading Le Figaro’s take on Bond.   For example, did you know that the soundtrack for Goldeneye was getting old and they had to get a Frenchman to produce one in a few hours?

Surprising was that Eva Green got a mention but Sophie Marceau was ignored.   Must be something local going on there.

Some questions from their take

#  Who was Bond in the 1954 version?

#  How many of these Bond films can you recognize?

3. Bons baisers de Russie
5.  Opération Tonnerre
7. On ne vit que deux fois
8. Au service de Sa Majesté
9.  Les diamants sont éternels
10. Vivre et laisser mourir
11. L’Homme au pistolet d’or
12. L’Espion qui m’aimait
14. Rien que pour vos yeux
16. Jamais plus jamais
17. Dangereusement vôtre
18. Tuer n’est pas jouer
19. Permis de tuer
21. Demain ne meurt jamais
22. Le monde ne suffit pas
23. Meurs un autre jour

#  Are you surprised how good your French was?

Funniest was the psychoanalysis of Bond:

Bond accepts the authority of the father almighty, sometimes to the point of masochism. M represents somehow the statue of Don Juan. From GoldenEye in 1995, M becomes a woman, played by Judy Dench. Bond submits totally to the mother figure who is now the all-powerful woman. In this passage of paternal authority to maternal authority is outlined a sort of double mourning. … It is a process of perpetual avoidance, locked into an attitude of constant challenge. Even if it still shows the mask and the apparent tranquility of the confident man.

LOL.   He at least lightens up at the end:

I remember one day a journalist asked a question about Roger Moore’s psychology 007. And Moore replied: “The psychology of James Bond? Well, sometimes he wears a white tuxedo and sometimes he wears a black! “

Some of the literal translations are amusing as well.   Here’s a feminist version:

His ideal woman leaves the posterior to be slapped in public, and will make the sauce béarnaise as well as love, she will have a perfect body, elegance, sense of humor, dexterity then dies spectacularly.

The French were always going to embrace Bond, having had so many of their actors and actresses in it over the years.   There’s a bit of murmuring though that this particular film, Skyfall is very British.

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