Catcalls and wolfwhistles in France

Lovely floral dress, don’t you think?

The prime minister of France, a country which produced feminist icons such as Joan of Arc and Simone de Beauvoir has decided that his ministers need to go back to school for anti-sexism classes.

On Jean-Marc Ayrault’s orders, the Equality Ministry has set up a series of 45-minute gender equality “sensitization sessions,” during which ministers are being trained to identify sexism in daily life and taught how to avoid sexist stereotypes in political communication.

For a start, Jehanne la Pucelle was not a feminist.   She was a hero of France and actually cared a lot for her country.   As for “45-minute gender equality sensitization sessions”, I’d love to be at one of them.   I can think of some choice things to say.  LOL.

In the interest of gender equality, the female ministers are going, too.

No no – there’ll be catcalls and wolf-whistles.  Keep them away!

The goal, said organizer Caroline de Haas, is that ministers take time to think about sexism.

Ah, organized by a woman, eh?   What a very great surprise.   Wonder if she’s a feminist by any chance?

In July, French Housing Minister Cecile Duflot was the victim of hooting and catcalls in France’s National Assembly, all for wearing a blue and white flowered dress.

Must have been a very sexy dress.  Actually, you do know why she was catcalled and wolfwhistled, do you not?  This explains it:

France’s housing minister has caused a sensation by showing up in jeans while her colleagues donned dresses and suits for the new left-wing government’s inaugural cabinet meeting at the presidential Elysee Palace in Paris.

Cecile Duflot, 37-year-old head of the Greens ecology party, struck a lone figure in denims on Thursday when several of the 34 ministers spared no effort to look chic for the debut meeting with President Francois Hollande.

In other words, another parachuted babe without a clue. Country’s in good hands.  It’s not just that though – it’s her whining feminism too which gets up people’s noses:

Cécile Duflot, leader of France’s Green Party, rejects the Badinter thesis saying, “Greens have always been feminists…”

Meanwhile, Hollande sets the example in his domestic arrangements farming out his sex machine whom even Carla says should put a sock in it.

By the way,  how did the French public react to the Premier Minister’s anti-sexism lessons?   Did the good people of France embrace them?

So what is our Cécile actually good at?

Well, she holds a Masters degree in geography.   Yes indeed, an educated and opinionated girl, this one.    Here she shows her geographical knowledge:

[She] appeared as a guest on BFM TV’s Wednesday edition of its early evening news and current affairs programme hosted by Ruth Elkrief.

Asked about the risks of radioactive materials from the damaged nuclear reactors in Japan reaching French shores, Duflot said that nobody could say for certain at the moment.

“In theory the chances of it reaching mainland France are low,” she said.

“The incident has happened in the southern hemisphere and in theory meteorological conditions should mean that the radioactivity will remain in the southern hemisphere. But we can never be certain.”

Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier, the spokesman for the French energy giant Areva … was asked a couple of minutes later whether it was true that France’s nuclear power facilities were as safe as the country’s politicians maintained.

“Before answering that, and without being a geographical expert, I would just like to invite Cécile Duflot to take a look at a globe of the world,” he began.  “Because as far as I know Japan is actually in the northern hemisphere.”

Respect?   Interesting word, is it not?

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  1. October 31, 2012 at 07:20

    When anyone challenges preconceived ideas, orthodoxies, he’s going to come in for flak. The State, as captured by the ideologues, has ensured that a new generation and a proportion of the older sees things in a certain light and has ways to scorn alternative views:

    scorn, caricaturing the speaker, marginalizing, mocking, punishing

    [This comment grew so large it is going to be a post.]

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