Chris Isaak [1]

In a way, Chris Isaak has suffered from being too prolific, approachable and accessible, a bit like a blogger who posts enormous numbers of posts – the also-rans obscure the good ones. It also hasn’t helped that he’s a pretty boy artist and likes the wimmin a bit too openly.

Add to his list of “crimes” the melancholy in many of his songs, a bit too heart on the sleeve for a man perhaps and not all will appreciate his work. He’s called a “journeyman” artist by some but he’s a bit too good for that, unless it means he takes his shows on the road a lot.

A friend of my ex-gf who got a bit familiar gave her San Francisco Days, from which the tracks in this post come [different tracks tomorrow] and it was through that that I discovered Chris Isaak. He still seems pretty good today although he’s aging like the rest of us.

Some of his songs are so close to what I’m about, which is why I like that last one – some of those lines are literally me, others not so much. The final track is poor sound quality but it was the only version on youtube.

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  1. October 16, 2012 at 20:34

    I always liked his stuff. There was a concert of his recently on public television, so I’m glad he’s still performing.
    And The Chris Issak Show was great. Did they ever carry that in the UK?

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