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  1. October 17, 2012 at 22:27

    You did that closing off of comments again…

    why do you do that?

    Anyways here is my reply to your thoughts…

    Attached to the active left-liberals, though disavowing the connection, are the mass of people, e.g. single mums on the net, who genuinely see themselves as apolitical and that says something in itself. Yet they’ll still vote Labour or LibDem, which is a vote for State intervention and the EU [as is a Tory vote these days]. They’ll be tolerant of female quotas, will abide quangos if they know much about them, false charities, approve of benefits for the “needy”, without actually defining the limits of the needy and they see people such as us as lacking in compassion.

    And what of the the apolitical people who don’t vote that way?…

    They have no instinctive vote any way…

    They think all that sort of quota nonsense is rubbish…

    They think the arguments and squabbles between supposed left and right in Parliament and elsewhere are rather reminiscent of kids brawling in the playground at school.

    They think these people need to grow up and stop thinking about themselves and work towards a better society.

    They also realise that people feel the need to be led and this is leads to the situation we are in…

    My question to you is… how do we get out of this catch 22 situation and work towards a better society?

  2. October 18, 2012 at 07:53

    Cherie, there are two ways comments are closed off – WP automatically does it on posts over a certain age and the other way is if a thread has reached its logical end and people are descending into ad hominem invective.

    In the latter case, I’ll always close it off when everyone else has ceased to comment and two people are getting repetititive in their slugging it out. It’s a fine line.

    It can never be perfect but it is generally the best way. Unfortunately, when someone arrives on the scene very late, as you have, then they can sometimes be shut out and that’s unfortunate. Sorry.

    However, in your case, with your permissions at this site, you can always circumvent that. Or do it the way you have, which is naughty but as Dearieme does it, I can’t really take you to task.

    On the question of trusted commenters, as every blogger knows, it’s a case of where there’s not going to be trouble. At one end of the scale are those who feel roughly the same as the blogger and have never done anything untoward. At the other end is the person out to destroy the blog and cause maximum damage – he gets shut out.

    Then there is the commenter who violently disagrees and can descend into invective but not all the time. She has to be kept in moderation. Then there is the long term commenter, even a friend, who will take a contrary, even hostile position and though that is always approved, it still has to be watched.

    As a blogger, Cherie, you know these things.

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