Go tell it to Barroso

Out of the double-dip, eh? Comments online:

#  Out of recession are we ? – So that’s why every other shop in our local centre is closed. That’s why my daughter is not looking forward to graduating next year cos there are no jobs whatoever.That’s why fuel bills are all going up way beyond inflation. That’s why building and construction isn’t happening. And we keep giving money away abroad – Why ?

#  The economy is healing? We’re out of recession, or will be in a moment? Not from where I’m sitting, thank you very much! With my utility bills through the roof and the chance I could be insidiously shoved out of a job so some big boss somewhere can have a boosted bonus, I don’t think so. Not from where I’m sitting anyway. The recession is only over for the big boys clubs – namely the Toffs….at the express expense of us lowly “plebs”.

#  Oh REALLY!! As far as I can see we haven’t even got INTO the woods yet. When the whole Euro crisis really hits the skids, probably next year, we will see the true extent of how bad things can get. I really feel for all the young people out there, like my teenagers. Things will be very tough for them as far as trying to plan a future is concerned.

#  What a load of tripe. Try telling that to all the businesses closing up North and the thousands on the dole. What a false representation this news item is.As for Ed Balls, he was part of bankrupting Britain, so if your placing your hope with Labour, just remember who was with Labour over 13 years – Milliband,Balls and Co. As for Cameron, Clegg and Osbourne, they are a bunch of shameful toffee nosed idiots with no idea how to get this country on its feet.

That’s the voice of the people, loud and clear.

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  1. October 26, 2012 at 23:13

    In my neck of the woods “the recession” lasted about 5 weeks 3 years ago when the press started going on about the Credit Crunch.
    Yesterday I spoke to a Head Chef recently arrived from the Channel Isles who had been ‘inundated’ with job offers.
    The day before I was talking to a guy whose body has been wrecked by a lifetime in contruction who told me of a converstion in the pub.
    His 30 year old mate “been looking for work/can’t find any'”
    An older guy chips in “I’m looking for someone, 10 weeks, labourer”
    30 year old “What sort of labourer?”
    Older guy “Bricklayer”
    30 yo “Actually I’ve got something coming up so I’ll get back to you”

    Bricklayers Labourer = Hod Carrier; bloody hard work but very very well paid. The older guy was a site foreman.

  2. Rossa
    October 28, 2012 at 08:05

    Part time jobs outnumber full time 3:1 here. And in the run up to Xmas we’ll get all the supermarkets and the Royal Mail taking on the usual seasonal workers to give another boost to the figures which are just a figment of some jobsworth’s imagination.

    Once the US election is over expect to see a tsunami of bad news that’s been hidden coming out. And as I’ve said before watch the number of repossessions rise next year once the 2 year support for the mortgages of those unemployed since October 2010 comes to an end.

    Property market will take another nose dive. Sales of houses at local auctions are down as well on unrealistic expectations of value by banks selling their repossessed stock.

  3. October 28, 2012 at 09:19

    Two sides of the coin.

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