May as Tory leader

This comment pretty well disposed of that:

The best direct evidence the normally much wiser Mr Goodman can offer for this preposterous suggestion is that Mrs May once got the better of that intellectual heavyweight, Baroness Warsi, in an argument.

He is right on one thing, though – the Tory grassroots will never forgive her for the “nasty party” remark. And to those who say she never actually called us the nasty party – no, she didn’t, but she did something far worse, because she gave the expression popular currency. In doing so, she was either wilful or stupid, or both, and it has haunted those decent folk who make up the bulk of the Tory grassroots ever since.

Wake up, Mr Goodman. She is the arch-disciple of Tory modernisation, and what a success that project has been under her mate Cameron.

The party in the country has had enough of Cameron, Osborne, Gove, Jerrycan Maude, May and all the other modernisers who thought they knew it all but have merely led the party from one disaster to another (not least Mrs May with her series of calamities from the UKBA fiasco to the chaos over the deadline for Qatada’s deportation).

When Cameron is turfed out, the party will not stomach another follower of this disastrous project like May.

Or in the words of a more succinct second commenter:

Good Grief! No, No, No.

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  1. ivan
    October 23, 2012 at 21:02

    I would suggest that Mr. Gove does not fit on that list because of the way he is trying to turn round the dysfunctional education system of the country. It is because of that the trendy leftists of the party and all the left leaning loons in the country are against him.

    If he is upsetting the left loons then he must be doing something right.

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