Ten Tuesday odds and ends

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1. Today’s pretty busy at this end so this post will be a gathering of bits and pieces . Tomorrow morning’s worse and then it eases off.

Why mention this busyness? In 2006, I contacted Tom Paine over some project or other and got enthused. He asked would I let a man at least tie up his own work at his end before he attended to it – he’d get back. And he did. Sometimes we assume people are at our beck and call, which is why I don’t have my phone on, though it works. Nor do I answer the mobile, except once a week. The email and this blog are the only ways through.

That way one stays sane. The email is better than the phone and other means – whilst being immediate, it can also sit there for the other person to pick up and doesn’t depend on the device being on.

I received a threat yesterday and I shan’t name the person. She’d been trying to get through and now she said basically – a ha, I see your little game, James Higham, not publishing my comments, eh? Well I’ll get to you through other means. That’s a paraphrase but not an exaggeration and not a skewing of what was said.

Though I’ve been threatened by so many women over the years that I’d be a rich man if I had a pound for every time, this one needed to be looked at.

We blog for pleasure, to put points of view or to bring info to the reader he/she might not otherwise have. Nowhere in that charter do I see having to wake up in the morning to threats of punishment for failing to attend. In fact, that insistence that a person immediately attends to her needs says more about her than it does about me, however much I might feel affection for her and in this lady’s case, strangely, I actually do.

2. I saw a comment yesterday and I’m going to quote it:

I think that you want the world back to where it was fifty years ago. You may even be right that people were happier, life was simpler and women knew their place.

That last little bit tacked on at the end shows what is consuming her. It’s a form of madness and manifests itself by assuming those who oppose it are mad.   May we break it into two parts:

a. I think that you want the world back to where it was fifty years ago. You may even be right that people were happier, life was simpler …

Absolutely, couldn’t agree more. It was a time when we had close to full employment, a proportion of women worked part time and the breadwinner was almost always employed, the welfare sector was small and manageable, there was a work ethic, discipline and that led to self-discipline, fathers were at home with the mothers and there was not the oppression the feminazis lied to women about.

Yes, let’s get back to a similar situation which allows for the vast increase in population and takes into account tech advances. Yes indeed.

b. … and women knew their place.

No and yes – first the no:

That’s all that concerns her. It concerns her not in the least that the feminized mind has wreaked havoc on the society, as so many good women have pointed out and I’ve quoted some of them at this blog, that everything’s been turned on its head and skewed, that the society is breaking down through the combined assault of the global socialist, the State and the feminist.

Sorry but it’s utter c*** about women “knowing their place”. That is the Great Feminist Lie. If my mother could come back, she’d tell you very quickly about whether she “knew her place” in the 50s or not. She’d laugh that statement right out of the door and mind you wipe your shoes. My mother ran the show, so did most women and they demanded certain things in return – quietly demanded them.

I grew up with strong, capable women around me – these are my role models – but they were also feminine and they most certainly did not go on about their rights and how much they were oppressed.   They were simply strong in their own femininity and negotiated their own conditions through that.   May we please, please, get back to this kind of woman?   Pretty please?

And you know what – there was respect for women then. Now there is zero for the infantilized, rabid type who can only see their own faux victimhood and self-entitlement. What about the victimhood and entitlement of others around her for a change? Oh no, we’d never see that, would we?

It’s not the poor afflicted woman I am down on because at heart, I do love women but I’m right down on the narrative, the Lie, the thing which has been pushed like a drug and has so afflicted women to the point that many just can’t relate to men any more.

And the people who pushed that will burn in hell.

Now the yes:

“… and women knew their place”

Yes, just as I know my place and accept it, just as a paraplegic will not be a Pele, just as a woman will not be a Hulk Hogan and a man will not be a domestic goddess.   The bottom line is that the women of the 50s weren’t told, as Harry Enfield suggests but they had a thing called discretion – they could sort out in their own minds what they preferred to do and what he could do.

And what is “their place” anyway?   From what I saw, it was pretty extensive and the only limits were those they placed on themselves.   They weren’t insane like today.   I’m not talking Victorian times, I’m talking the enlightened post-war 50s, a golden time for women when the things which had been oppressive had been eliminated, labour saving devices were proliferating and women were more than capable of holding their own.  And into that strode the Friedans and other harridans.  Greer for example – what a twisted cow she is [and the “c” word was applied with forethought].

Today is a very bad time for women – only many of them can’t see it.

3. Microsoft is watching you from above.

4. Do it faster:



5.  The cost of generating 500 trillion watts of laser power or 26 million amps of current in your basement, is left as an exercise for the reader.


6.  It’s probably nothing.


Haiku: “With any kind of luck it will trigger automatic trading leading to 25% of the Nasdaq being sold off in a bear run … then maybe, just maybe, somebody will consider looking at the process.

Though I doubt it.”

7.  Clueless:


Hows that interview process working for you then?

8.  Captain, the engines canna take nae more:


Projects? We’ve got an app for that

9.  Speaking of art, I KNOW what I like:


10.  French business erupts in fury against “disastrous” François Hollande


France is sliding into a grave economic crisis and risks a full-blown “hurricane” as investors flee rocketing tax rates, the country’s business federation has warned.

The half of the French people who voted these sleazy non-comps in deserve everything they get.   The other half – sane people and business – do not deserve this.


Chuckles and haiku were heavily involved in this post – in fact, this blog would not be the same without those two worthies.

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  1. JD
    October 16, 2012 at 15:08

    9. Speaking of art, I KNOW what I like:
    better late than never I suppose – Vanity Fair arrives one year late, breathless from trying to catch up.
    They even use the same picture 🙂

  2. October 16, 2012 at 18:18

    Nothing new under the sun.

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