Quick ones

1. Fears grow for British boy, 12, who has not been seen for 48 hours after lone bike ride on stormy French island

I’d be worried too with Hallowe’en High Day coming up. Don’t let children go out alone at this time. Prayers are with him.

2. Holocaust denier David Irving is allowed back to Germany – thanks to EU free movement rules … but he’s still barred from Australia, Canada and South Africa

Irving’s been done to death but I don’t recall putting my twopence halfpenny in. I disagree vehemently with him but as for banning him – no way. He has the right to say that and lecture that. It’s my right not to go to his lectures or accept what he says. Should be the end of the story.

3. Yachtsman missing after boat runs aground with engine still running had only bought it that morning

Worries me a bit, that. I was looking at a boat classified there two days ago and was half thinking of taking the plunge.

4. Rural France in revolt over plans to legalise gay marriage

Good to see. Why legalize something which, by definition, can’t exist?

5. ‘Occupy movement had a point’ says Bank of England director

It did but like the Tea Party, it was corrupted and hijacked by the power. It supports a socialist agenda, which cuts out over half its possible supporters.