1.  First cab off the rank is this pic from Oz.   Notice anything police statish about the caption?

2.  Angus gets a tad scatological:

As stated the Castle is some forty miles from what is laughingly called the “Capitol” and even I won’t visit the shithole let alone send my turds there, and they want me to cough up £560-720 so that the eight million squatters in London can flush their toilets in line with fucking EU directives.

3. You can say what you like about the Mail but they do put up the stories – the last one is upsetting:

4. Woodsy wanted to build an extension:

This is intended to be a simple certificate that confirms your intended extension abides by the permitted limitations – remember that if it doesn’t the council can come along after the fact and claim you misread the rules and you have to knock it down.

Oh dear – don’t think I’m going to like what I read about it.

5. AKH finds that hidden gem in an old bookshop.

6.  So Gillard plays the sexism card for all it’s worth. Why is it that when it is not a leftist female involved, no one mentions sexism?   They take issue along other lines – corruption, incompetence etc.   Only when a feminazi is in there do we all have to consider whether we’re being sexist or not – it’s an absolute pain in the butt the whole time, they never let up on it.

You know what – I’d make sure I did discriminate against any woman who goes on about discrimination and for those who don’t, I’d treat them equally.   And the same thing applies to “racism”.

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  1. Suzie
    October 13, 2012 at 08:51

    Re point no 6, you didn’t even recognise this woman when you wrote your usual rant a week or two ago. Actually, I never believed you, but if you were for real , heck, are you an Australian? Nah.

    She had every right to play the card. She’s been on the receiving end too often. Power to her.

    Tony Abbott is a lightweight. He’s almost gone.

  2. October 13, 2012 at 18:25

    Suzie, as you’re a lady, I can’t print the expletives over the alleged criminal Gillard – so many others have done it for me. And her toy boy in the PM’s Lodge – that’s as low as Hollande and the Rottweiler.

    I lived in Australia for many years. Politics hadn’t sunk as low as Gillard at that point – it was Ming v Evatt, Fraser v Whitlam. Whatever was wrong with all of these – and there was a lot, particularly with McMahon – they weren’t as low and incapable of respect as Gillard.

    Gorton was a saint compared to her, as was the G’day, Queen darlin’ PM, forgotten his name.

    And it doesn’t alter the point, Suzie:

    Why is it that when it is not a leftist female involved, no one mentions sexism? They take issue along other lines – corruption, incompetence etc. Only when a feminazi is in there do we all have to consider whether we’re being sexist or not.

    Now, when I put these 6 items in “Saturday”, I took a bet with a friend on which one would attract comment. Suzie – you’ve made me some money, thank you. 🙂

    Even a leftist journo at a leftist paper recognized Gillard’s problem:

  3. October 13, 2012 at 21:44

    You have mentioned the word ‘Feminazi’ sooo many times in the past few weeks. It makes me wonder if your description of Feminazi is a fetish of yours…

    Just a thought 😉


  4. October 14, 2012 at 09:29

    No Cherie, as usual, you get it completely wrong. How many times have you been told that it is a term employed all over the world by hundreds of pundits, to accurately describe the type? I even went into fine detail as to why it was appropriate – twice.

    You have decided, for your own reasons, to ignore all that and to try to once again sheet it home to me personally, as if it were something to do with me. This time you’ve gone one more step and introduced the word “fetish”, an emotive word designed to convey a certain meaning.

    This is what feminists and the left do. I can quote you many articles [by other authors] which explain this substitution of the emotive/derogatory for supported argument.

    And still you doggedly try to personalize it.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Really nice start to Sunday morning, thank you, Cherie, particularly as today is a special day. Yes, thank you, Cherie. The personal slur is always better than the reasoned argument, no? And let me define a slur – it’s an unsubstantiated allegation, as against a harsh judgment [e.g. feminazism] which is substantiated.

  5. October 14, 2012 at 09:51

    Now Suzie, it’s 9:41 a.m. Sunday and I woke up 20 minutes ago. I’ve just finished answering Cherie and am about to get a coffee to meet the day.

    Just think I’ll check the dashboard and there are 4 comments pending. Two of them are from you. Yesterday, when I came home from work, the esteemed “blogminder”* asked if she should have approved your comment[s] from yesterday. I went in and made sure I did.

    What do I get for that? Another comment, whilst I’m asleep, calling me out about not approving your comments and then in a second comment, launching into a tirade about me discriminating. “You know, you really do discriminate, you know”.

    Yes, of course I discriminate, as between the fire and the fire brigade, as between feminazism and sanity, as between night and day, as between people who want to control others and those who don’t [Heinlein].

    Yes, I do discriminate, as between stupidity and thinking, as between emotionalism and reason – this could go on all day and I need breakfast. So, because you took that attitude, Suzie, when I do approve your comments, these latest two comments can get knotted.

    Have a lovely Sunday. I’m so glad I put N6 in now as it shows readers in general [those not tainted by feminism] just what the score is. Six items in the “Saturday” post and only one gets commented on.

    Which was my purpose and contention in putting it in there. QED. Now, Cherie and Suzie, lovely ladies that you are, if you don’t mind, breakfast beckons and I’ll be considerably less curmudgeonly after that. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through ………..

    Have a lovely Sunday.


    * It’s so lovely to have women friends who are not dowsed in feminism oil and set alight. There are some fabulous ladies about. Most of the time you both are too but it’s when it gets to this topic and only this topic that you seem to take leave of your senses.

  6. October 14, 2012 at 10:21

    UPDATED 10:17

    Have the coffee after finishing up the Coronation Chicken and coming back to fetishes. My fetishes are specific ladies I know, then women in general [not body parts] – can’t leave them alone, then sailing, then certain foods, e.g. chocolate, salmon, cappuccino.

    My sexual fetish is one-on-one, with or without ropes – as per her fetishes and think both male and female should be pretty active in the clinches.

    You see how I remember everything you say, Cherie and think deeply about it?


    Now, I’ve a post on Steinem which has been sitting there for days, unposted because I was, quite frankly, bored with the feminism battle. However, in the light of all the above 🙂 , I think might just post it at 16:00 [there are other posts before then].

  7. October 14, 2012 at 11:11

    Good morning James 🙂

    I wasn’t being personal, I was pointing out that you had used that word (which I won’t mention again 😉 ) rather a lot recently, especially in your comments threads…

    I ended it with the (just a thought 😉 and :-)) so that you knew it wasn’t a personal attack…

    And no I am not a feminist or lefty and I think I will avoid that post at 16:00 because I am not the slightest bit interested in feminism.

    Enjoy your day 🙂 I think I will grab my camera now and go in search of some autumn leaves.

  8. October 14, 2012 at 11:21

    And no I am not a feminist or lefty

    As I mentioned. Beautiful day out there, by the way – you have a good one – we’ll be going for a stroll too but not taking pictures most like.

    By the way, people, here’s proof positive that women do have an enormous influence. Vive les femmes:

    Also proof that there are some excellent female writers about.

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