Clare Balding leads hunt for UK’s sharpest mind

Waste of time.  Sharp minds are nowhere near where she’s looking.  By definition, those in the public arena where she’ll look … are not sharp minds.

European leaders sign up to banking union

Oh dear – human folly in the face of an all-consuming federalist, socialist agenda.   Sigh.

15 things women most regret buying

Last week’s clothing?

Police probe after BNP leader Nick Griffin posts address of gay couple in B&B row on Twitter and threatens to bring ‘drama’ to their door

I disagree with Griffin – let them live their lives and we’ll live ours.   The time to oppose them was when they committed their crime.

The promiscuity pill: £30 morning-after tablet that can be taken five days later ‘will lead to unsafe sex’

Rampant anyway.   There might be a Darwin effect but methinks many others will be infected before that happens.

Cameron’s pledge to put customers on cheapest power tariffs is plunged into chaos

Took 24 hours by my reckoning.

Top female lawyer’s career in tatters after assault conviction for pulling her 11-year-old daughter’s hair during tantrum

That behaviour is “top lawyer” is it?   Was there not something mentioned about glass ceilings?   No?

Atheist schoolboy, 11, is banned from the Scouts as he refuses to pledge allegiance to God and Queen

No, not banned – kick the little b***er out if he won’t accept the rules.  End of story.  Their gaff, their rules.

Catholics ‘worst abusers’

Obviously hasn’t looked at the Muslims.

US court ruling strengthens gay marriages

How can you strengthen something which doesn’t exist?

Australia must now make its global voice count