Saturday night wimmin

Daily Mash:

Going out still not horrible enough

The first two pics come from the Mail and if they’re unhappy about that, I can delete them.  The owners of the photos are lower left in the pics.

The question is, of course, are these women or some new mutant species having the vague form of a woman but actually being an incarnation from hell? Or are they very sadly ill-educated and misinformed young ladies who’ve been given no moral framework to operate within and are wandering about in their lives, rudderless?

Or another question is – are these useful members of society in any way?

And yet another question – are we not ashamed to be doing this to our daughters?

And another – where are the parents?

Some more pics of offences against nature:

I’ve been taken to task for my poor attitude to women. My reply is – these are women?

Someone else asked why I didn’t post pics of ugly men. Well firstly – do you really want to see that? And secondly – aren’t men naturally ugly anyway, the great hairy beasts? We need to rely on other qualities.

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  1. amfortas
    October 28, 2012 at 12:16

    There have always been Rude, Nasty Girls and usually a small proportion of the girly population. They are noticeable due to their noise and more so today due to the greater and more widespread communications.

    There have always been thuggish boys too. Boys and girls (from 14 to 45) of dreadful repute who bask in the dim torchlight of their limited legend.

    Yes, it is depressing. But they are vastly outnumbered by the slightly less dumb and numb and obnoxious -although feminism encourages even the ordinary girls to descend to the pit – and the slightly larger number of really nice, pleasant girls who would make any dad and mum smile with relief.

    You ask about their mums and dads. How outmoded and no doubt soon to be a forbidden concept, the mention of which will ‘offend’ someone and see such old fogies as you and I in jail. Already the next crop of babies in the UK will have no mum and dad, just ‘Parent A and Parent B’.

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