Shaken by one, stirred by the other, upstaged by a third

Some good comments on the premiere:

The Harris person who says she’s not a Bond girl

#  That is not a dress, how hideous, what looks like an ill fitting, one piece, tacky, sequined swimsuit with a baggy net thrown on top! It’s even sticking to her ankles for goodness sakes, and who are these bond women?? Never heard of them. – Francesca, Vancouver

#  Naomie Harris wearing that dress.. Seriously, what’s the point?  – Lord Gerald of Mold

#  Naomi Harris – Just No!!! Awful dress on your biggest night?? Kelly Brook, Katie Price Tamara Ecclestone, seriously, who invited them? Tulisa and her X factor contestants look ridiculous. As for Tess Daly, Lols!!! – estee, Virginia Water

#  That Naomie woman looks awful; hardly ‘Bond Girl’ material. Terrible dress makes her look waistless and neckless. – Louise, UK

Actually, I thought it was her underwear she was flashing – not a clue, typical of our side of the channel.

Berenice Marlohe who is happy to be a Bond girl

#  Now I’m a big fan of red dresses and THAT is a red dress and then some!  – FluffyBunny, Ashford

#  Love Berniece’s dress but not her grimace. – Rashisama, Nowhere

Rachel Weisz who very much is a Bond girl

#  Rachel Weisz looks better than both the new Bond girls, they are very ordinary. – Hanty, London

#  The picture of Daniel and his wife is beautiful.  – lady blah blah, Leeds

#  Rachel Weisz is I think one of the few women who looked classy that night. What is it with all the horrendous dresses?! – Ale, Lima, Perun

#  Rachel Weisz looks sooo pretty!! I really do wish her and Daniel the best of luck together. She choose a beautiful outfit. The colour is so femme and delicate, she really went for the understated, laidback glamour. – charlotteischarlotte, Ashford

Best one there this evening is in the pic above left.   This is also so:

Dear oh Lord! There are some horrors there! – Reacher, Kendal

Catarina Murino was particularly bad.  And this I was also wondering:

Why the hell are people like katie price, tamara eccleston, TOWIE’s mick and kelly brook to name half of the Z listers there? This is an important event with ROYALTY not a Z lister’s drunken rambles! – vesper, Portsmouth

The green monstrosity:

#  What is that thing in green? – Sandy Brown, London

#  Tamara Eccleston looks terrible, that dress makes her look bigger than she actually is. Not sure why Kelly Brook/Jordan were there; don’t they have lives? – JJ, Manchester

#  LOL at Tamara Ecclestone trying to be Angelina Jolie. – justagirl, devon

#   La Ecclestone appears to have grabbed the curtains on the way out. – Lord Snooty, Belgravia

#  Tamara Ecclescake – Epic fail looks frumpy and legs like a prop forward. – Mehere, Fife

Concur with this:

#  Money can’t seem to buy fashion sense, or decency – that one in green is particularly noxious, isn’t she? – oh dear, Devizes

Nice take – women notice:

#  Some seriously scary sights! Daniel Craig and his wife Rachel look beautiful and very much in love, lovely to see. Judi Dench looks great. Berenice is a stunner, pity someone’s gone overboard in the smoky eye department, she really didn’t need it and it’s a bit frightening! – AgnesR, London

This pretty well sums it up:

#  Daniel’s wife Rachel may not have wanted to steal the show, but she did! She was by far the most beautiful and elegant woman there tonight, along with Dame Judi of course. – just have to say, England

And a point which really needed to be asked:

#  Where were the Middletons? – Jonathan, Hove

Also, was Daniel Craig there this evening?   Anyone see him about?   What these comments say to me is that there are many who actually do have taste in this country – we just don’t get to see them as a rule.   And perhaps the comments were cruel about the dresses – after all, it is Hallowe’en coming up.

#  Are they actually gonna start the film?  – Jack, Manchester

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