The dilemma of the right

Churchmouse is a Tory churchman and I know where that’s at because I was both a Tory voter and a Church of England Christian.   I was a Calvinist WASP.   My parents were of the hard work, never use credit, pay your own way variety, don’t speak with your mouth full, stand up for a lady, look someone in the eye when they speak to you.

However, equally, in my younger days, I was a Labour radical, not realizing I was actually voting against the freedom we all spoke of and for coercion and State control of our lives.   We’d demonstrate against anything which seemed basically wrong and non-compassionate – which is what I think constitutes Methodius‘s leftism.

Many on the left I’m sure don’t think through their position but are basically dogooder feelgooder or in more positive terms – compassionate souls and that is not something to be sneered at.

Trouble is, as one becomes more politically aware, neither position quite cuts it. The socialists [meaning the radical ones] are all for taking away what is not theirs and giving it to themselves and to the feckless and the right can be quite non-compassionate about people in genuine trouble, lumping everyone under the same “hang em high” heading.

The Tory and Republican problem is that they are not conservative. Churchmouse writes – and I can understand where he’s coming from – about Obama:

However, I do hope that everyone who thinks they are above it all in following the media’s words then voting ‘their conscience’ for meaningless third parties — spoiler parties — thinks again, whether in the United States in November 2012 or elsewhere in future. How many times do you have to see conservatives — imperfect ones — lose because you essentially spoiled your ballot by voting for an unknown, unquantifiable nobody who cannot do and has no intention of doing anything for your nation?

Enjoy the gnostic political sophistication while it lasts.

It’s because of ‘sophisticated’ voters like this that conservative candidates lose elections. Funny, isn’t it, that the Left rarely criticises their man or woman? As for the Left? Yes, they are laughing — at third-party folly.

I do understand that point of view – I was there, wasn’t I- and how disgruntled conservatives must seem like traitors to the Maggie Tories but truth is that this is a flawed statement:

How many times do you have to see conservatives — imperfect ones — lose because you essentially spoiled your ballot by voting for an unknown, unquantifiable nobody?

The thing is – they are not conservative. And that’s the issue.

If Romney and Cameron were truly conservative, people wouldn’t be leaving in droves. When you join the Conservative Party, you do expect the party to be conservative in its platform, in its policies, in its mindset. You expect lowered taxes, the clearing away of barriers to industry and growth, sound management, family values and so on.

What we get is more socialism tricked out in a pseudo-Conservative livery. This megadebt is a global socialist debt – it is false. The IMF is simply using our own money as taxpayers to lend back to us at exorbitant rates and it’s seen as “responsible” to admit we have an enormous debt when we don’t have one at all – we have an enormous con trick by the banks and their masters, the global elite. We’re talking everyone from the Rothschilds to the JPMs to Gore to Trichet to Tucker to Sutherland to Mandelson to Bertelsmann.

And this austerity – look, I’m a financially austere person naturally so I have no issue with the concept but this is about something else in Cameron’s hands – it’s about bringing down our nation for his EU masters [and Clegg’s and Clarke’s and Osborne’s]. And there is zero austerity coming from those calling for it. The quangos still roll on, the obscene salaries and false charities and “aid” to those who have less need than we do to it.

What they are, in essence, calling for is for people’s numbers not to add up, for them to go deeper and deeper into debt, not through fecklessness – because I am not personally feckless – but because what the councils, utilities companies, mortgage lenders and supermarkets are demanding greatly exceeds what is coming in. And why is the job market as it is? Because of the ridiculously asphyxiating grip on any sort of enterprise by the government and others who have us by the throat, including the PC pushers who are worse than drug pushers.

There’s a lady up the road who ran a Polish shop. It’s closed. She worked from morning till night.    She was not feckless.  There were two other shops closed in the last month. The outgoings for these people had been hiked up to proportions vastly outstripping an underspending population who have ditched almost all luxuries.

Facilitating all of this was, of course, Labour and no one in his right mind should vote for that lot again – ever – but the Tories, as they stand, though they’re not doing the same things, they’re doing worse because they’re also adding this faux austerity on top of everything else Labour put in, with no clue whatever how to pull the country out and indeed not even wishing to – the EU is behind this.

Now I’m sorry, CM but with the greatst respect – no one in his right mind can vote for this.

If the 1922 would ditch Cameron and expel Osborne and Clarke, reversing the wet policies and thinking through the dry, implementing them by degrees, hand in hand with tax cuts, the lowering of VAT, forcing councils to ease up on people instead of ripping them off and investing in failed Icelandic schemes to line their own pockets, then that would be conservatism and not only conservatives but most others in the land would get behind that.

But with Cameron and the pink gang in power, that ain’t gonna happen any time soon. So what choice does a conservative have? He simply can’t vote for more of what is happening because it is crippling the nation. UKIP offered to merge if the Tories would just follow conservative policies but Cameron refused.

The Conservative Party is simply not currently conservative and let’s face it – from Heath to Major – there’ve been other quislings in there too.

Conservatives — imperfect ones? No, they’re not conservatives at all – that’s the point.   And in America, the real conservatives, the old conservatives, are also not represented.   There are far too many of the crossdressing Rudy in power, people who are CINOs.

A vote for Romney is no better than a vote for Obama – sure he’ll cancel most of the schemes to go into further debt but he’s still in thrall to the CFR and their agenda is Agenda 21.

I do accept the point that the left is better organized and more disciplined – their myriad factions will still vote for Barry in a two-horse race but people of conscience and decency can’t do that on the right – they have to vote for what is right and the GOP as it stands and Pink Dave are not right.

So we’re in a bind, a real bind.   Hell, I don’t want to see Labour back in in a thousand years and I do see the argument that a vote for a third party, on FPtP, is a vote for Labour.   I really feel your frustration, even though I’m one of those causing it.

But as I say, we’re in a real bind.   We need someone to run – not even “conservative” policies per se – but just the policies of common sense.   And none of the Big 3 here or Big 2 there are offering that.

3 comments for “The dilemma of the right

  1. Suzie
    October 15, 2012 at 07:58

    James, you do know, of course, that I intensely dislike most of your views but sometimes I know where you are coming from and I have some sympathy.

    I think that your problem with Conservatism is that it is not what it was, it has evolved into something different. It’s not that they are not Conservatives, just that they are not the same as they were fifty years ago. Modern Conservatism has moved closer to Labour/ Liberal to reflect a changed world and the fact that hardline traditional Conservatitism would not wash in today’s world. It’s all about being electable.

    So there you go. Conservatism as you would like it to be, no longer exists, neither do polite, demure, young ladies who aspire to have a rich husband and have supper ready on time.

    Every woman who wants equality of opportunity is not a harridan. Some of us are mothers of sons with husbands forever.

    I think that you want the world back to where it was fifty years ago. You may even be right that people were happier, life was simpler and women knew their place, but the genie is out of the bottle. We can’t return to the days when women are submissive to their husbands, not least because they have quite frequently absconded and traded up to a younger version, so it is imperative to have employment, to be independent. Obviously, it’s more competitive in the jobs market because women also have to earn a living and generally have a good education, at least as good as their male peers. They cannot depend on those men. Furthermore, they wouldn’t want to have to, and other men (those family men that are always there) also have a different, much more active, role in the child-rearing side of things and don’t want to go back to the days when they were the disciplinarians who flitted through the house at bedtime, having been out all day working and then playing golf/footy whatever, all weekend.

    We get the government that we deserve. It reflects the modern day, the reality, how people live today in a very difficult world. The Conservative, as you understand it, is no more. Everything has changed. We all have to live with that.

  2. October 15, 2012 at 12:27

    “The thing is – they are not conservative. And that’s the issue.”

    I agree. It’s a real dilemma, but it can’t be resolved by voting Conservative, because what does that change?

  3. October 15, 2012 at 17:36

    Though my views are opposite to yours, James, we can agree on one thing – neither Republican nor Democrat in the USA now stand for what their ideologies once embodied because both are in thrall to Big Money – corporations, and whoever is behind the curtain pulling their strings.

    I could live quite happily with an old-fashioned conservative leading the country on either side of the Atlantic, not my preference but nothing to rant and blog about as I feel like doing these days.

    I think there are a few (very few) genuine Rs and Ds on both sides who regret the way things have turned out – but they’re not powerful enough to turn things around. Money rules.

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