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Everybody needs a hobby.
So what’s yours?

Having just scoured about a dozen reviews and another dozen before that, it’s probably about time to actually go and see it.

My worst fears appear to be realized in that he has no romance.   Harris seems a Jinx type without the charm and that leaves Marlohe who is too overwhelmed, in the way Kurylenko was, to actually do the femme fatale.

The greats in recent memory [not reflecting the film itself] have to have been Sophie Marceau and Eva Green – anyone disagree?   Isabella Scorupco wasn’t too bad but a bit too shrewish in Goldeneye.

Apart from them, Honor Blackman and Diana Rigg stand out, which supports the contention that a woman can be strong and still feminine and susceptible to the male – it’s a balancing act which Harris and Broccoli, with their “no Bond girls anymore” seem to completely fail to realize.  The graceless and artless way Naomie Harris even stands, devoid of poise, says more about the society she grew up in than her specifically, the poor girl.   She’s so man-like.

Last good villain was probably Sean Bean but by all accounts, Bardem is excellent, though camp.   Now I want to know what is meant here by camp – if he gets into man-on-man onscreen, I’m not going to watch it.   If he just has a camp way about him, then that can be highly entertaining.   So I’ll have to find out if there’s anything gay in it.

Craig looked awful, like some skinny punk at last evening’s launch and that does not augur well.

One review listed these as the assets:

12. Sam Mendes’ Direction
11. Roger Deakins’ Cinematography
10. Character Development
9. Intelligent Action
8. Thomas Newman’s Score
7. Tone
6. Keeping It Simple
5. It Takes Its Time
4. Javier Bardem
3. Supporting Players
2. Sparing Use Of CGI
1. The Climax

If all that is positive in the film, than it does look good from here.

***Spoiler alert***I understand M gets killed off which is probably just as well at 77 years.***end spoiler alert***

She’s been bumbling around with that sourpuss big mouth, making narky comments about Bond being a dinosaur and so on for years and gets herself into a hole every time [e.g. in TWINE] and yet Bond always manages to rescue the ungrateful B, along with maintaining a certain affection for her.  That’s the character of M, yes but she was quite frumpy at the opening meeting as well, short with questioners and so on.

She’s a bit more approachable here, almost a sweetie at times:

I’ve a theory and it supports what some other commenters have said – that Bonds very much reflect the real life changes in society and might even lead them to an extent. Thus Moonraker followed Starwars, Quantum followed Bourne etc.   Sean’s motorized buggy through the faked moon landing in DAF was to the point and DAD had its star wars technology based in Iceland, just as it was in real life.

Having Madge and the token kickbutt black girl inflicted on us, that’s just as they are in real life.   How about a romantic black girl for once?  Does such a person exist?

Dominic Green and Quantum, being too far outside the average punter’s experience but well within that of political commenters on the edge like us, was a nod to who actually controls governments and has for donkey’s years.

So on that basis, with these poor modern females and an emasculated Bond [to an extent], the backlash which we are beginning to see to these things in society might be coming full circle and the 24th Bond might be yet again in the Connery tradition, with Bond once again as butch as in Casino Royale.

It might be artistically impressive and reaffirming to have a “vulnerable” Bond but no more than one film of it please.

There’s probably been a sigh of relief all round that this film did not disgrace itself and in fact seems to have scrubbed up quite well. Shall move the butt and go and see it.

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