Trafigura and the bloodymindedness of a blogger

One has to admire a bloodyminded blogger who won’t let a genuine issue go, e.g. that of Trafigura:

I wrote endlessly – or so it seemed – trying to get truth from Trafigura and trying to highlight gaps in our known truth.  [my last posts – Dec 2011 – are here]

Now, at last, the closest we are ever likely to get to the truth is here.  A month ago Greenpeace and Amnesty International published a  brilliant 231 page report, “The Toxic Truth”.  [UPDATE:  This link was faulty – down to me – but is now working]

Devastating detail leaves Trafigura exposed but still they cling to their long-held position.

Keep at it, Calum and well done.

2 comments for “Trafigura and the bloodymindedness of a blogger

  1. October 30, 2012 at 09:08


    There are so many stories which require the purifying effect of bright light. This is but one.

    ….. but what has my bloodymindedness achieved?


    Absolutely nothing!

    Knowing this, would I do the same again?


    Trafigura was barely aware of my presence but that isn’t the point.

    Truth matters.

    Once we give up the search for truth we’d be as well giving up on life …. and I’m not ready for that.

  2. October 30, 2012 at 09:20


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