When a style is taken to excess – the Pagani

Styling is obviously in the eye of the beholder – for example, I’d like to drive a wooden car which is low, wide, flat and long – but there’s one principle which perhaps stands.

When a style goes to excess, it becomes ugly. Rococo in art is like that. Impressionism can go like that and surrealism which deviates so far from anything remotely recognizable that it is ugly. That may well be the situation with the Pagani.

This is when a style becomes a caricature of a former style, with huge exaggeration:

And are low profile tyres beautiful?

Love the bedpan in the seat base for those of a nervous disposition:

Applied to humans, I always thought the singer of Shocking Blue was an example of where the elements of beauty, when highly exaggerated – curves, lips etc. – actually become ugly, almost like a hentai version of a real human being.   You’ve seen those girls being emo and Barbie in real life.

In cuisine, it’s legendary – adding one ingredient to excess spoils the overall effect.   Too much peat or sherry in a whisky is similar.

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  1. ivan
    October 29, 2012 at 19:57

    The bedpan is for the times you are left teetering on a speed hump.

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