Attitudes and things which rankle

Not wishing to steal the thunder from or pre-empt Wiggia who is doing the Remembrance/Armistice post tomorrow, this post now will touch on the poppy issue but it is mainly about attitudes in general.

Seems to me that sometimes, it is not so much a radical difference of opinion as a difference in emphasis.   We might basically agree but some aspect is more important to you than the other.

For me, it became clear today what really rankles with me – attitude.

I am in the process of getting that letter off to that rail company [new material has come to hand] and at work today I tore strips of the boss – not something generally recommended but her attitude left me with little option.


Why were only about 60% of people over 45 to 50 wearing poppies?   One can understand those under that age, as their education was sadly on the way down in this country but those over that age should have known better.   Why wouldn’t the 40% or just under remember the fallen?

To me, it was either being more interested in shopping or they forgot or it wasn’t of interest.   Amazing.   You saw the story about the army lads refused service in the town which supposedly honoured them.


And now the younger generation, Gen Y – do you know how many young people I saw with poppies on today?   One.   One and she had it on because she is playing at a service tomorrow.

One young person from the time I left this morning until the time I came home.   And believe me – I  looked.

The boss

We set a shop record today by a goodly margin – they’ve never taken so much before.   And what did she do?   Tried to take all the credit.   I had it out with her.   Sure the stock is vital as people are not going to buy unless the merchandise is what they want, of sufficient quality and at a bargain price.   I agreed wholeheartedly that as this aspect is her bag, along with the competitive pricing, she is the single most critical factor there.

But not the only one.

There are other factors the customers continually comment on – one is the cleanliness and brightness of the shop and that is down to head office, her and us.   Then there is the professionalism and warm helpfulness of the staff and we worked our butts off today.   Often someone was going to buy one item and we got them to buy two – that sort of thing.  We’d stay back but be ready to come if called, we had regulars and there were constant repartee and good vibes going on.  Customers have commented many times.

Our day at the shop consistently brings in way over what any other day does and it’s a combination of all those factors together.   I had to force her to acknowledge that there were other factors.   When it came to the staff on the floor, she said: “It helps to be civil.”   Either the idiot has no idea or else she’s deliberately suppressing any sort of acknowledgement of staff.   She seems utterly convinced that staff are just automatons, they could chew gum at the till and it would not affect sales in any way.

And that’s what she’s likely to get when we depart in disgust.  Gum-chewers who don’t care.


5 Responses to “Attitudes and things which rankle”

  1. Amfortas November 11, 2012 at 00:43 Permalink

    Entitlement feminist. Narcissist. She’s in charge because she is the BEST. So best that all else fades into insignificance.

    I have met a few men bosses like that too. But in all my years the number is far fewer than today’s women bosses.

  2. CherryPie November 11, 2012 at 01:51 Permalink

    I think you need to come into my world 🙂 Talking with the youngsters there is quite refreshing and gives me hope!

  3. Furor Teutonicus November 11, 2012 at 06:34 Permalink

    Why do I refuse to wear a poppy? (And, yes, you CAN buy them in Berlin!)

    Because I have seen once too often, a “Haig fund” rep come into the bridewell, and stand bail for some 16 year old arsehole, using “poppy fund” money.

    Just because Daddy is a British legion member, even though he has never been closer to a uniform than apologising to the traffic warden for parking on his foot.

  4. Mark in Mayenne November 11, 2012 at 07:58 Permalink

    It is a real pleasure to shop where the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. It would be interesting to see how different your sales figures are from other days at your shop and compare this to sales figure differences for this same day at other shops in the chain.

  5. James Higham November 11, 2012 at 11:08 Permalink

    All these read and considered.

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