Copé campaign leader finally responds

Le Figaro interview with Roger Karoutchi, senator for the Hauts-de-Seine, who led the campaign of Jean-Francois Cope:

LE FIGARO. – How UMP will she survive this chaos?

Roger KAROUTCHI. – For all activists and elected executives, commitment is related to the strength of their convictions. There is a crisis related to the fact that the results were very close – that is obvious. But that does not change the fact that 180,000 members went to vote and the UMP is the largest opposition party. I can see the value of the UDI, the National Front and others soliciting our elected officials and our members. But in the immediate future, the vast majority do not intend to leave the UMP, their family. Since the beginning of the crisis, only forty cards were returned to the headquarters of the UMP, while there were hundreds of memberships!

Jean-Francois Cope will he free hand to run the UMP?

An absolute majority vote, even tight, gives full legitimacy to the president. Cope has clearly stated that a team would be widely open to those who have supported François Fillon, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Bruno Le Maire and Xavier Bertrand.

And if Fillonistes persist in refusing the proffered hand?

A standoff has no meaning. I can not imagine that François Fillon and parliamentarians who supported him are not very attentive to the unity of the UMP to prepare the blue wave of 2014 and the municipal elections which will be played alternately in 2017 after our primary 2016. It is in nobody’s interest to divide the UMP, and it would be a very bad move for all activists who dedicate themselves every day without asking for anything.

Is there, in your opinion, the risk of creating a second UMP group in the Assembly and the Senate?

No. In each meeting, more than three quarters of Parliament have confirmed their membership of the UMP. The creation of a very few would not have an impact on politics.

How do you respond to those who seek a new vote?

A new vote would make no sense … this would mean that we must reopen nominations, sponsorships, deadlines, so leave the field for six months. The UMP needs to get back in working order against the left and its derivatives.

Would you return to Nicolas Sarkozy?

I hope for the future, that is to say 2017.  I’ve always said, as Cope, I would be at his side.  Sarkozy is particularly careful to safeguard the unity of the family.  It is the political and moral reference of all our members, who are very attached.



#  This is Mr. Ciotti has long teeth and pushes François Fillon to continue this fight against nature to it. Valérie Pécresse is also one of the sidekick with long teeth.  If they were not there, François Fillon would have remained with his first reaction. Respect the verdict of the COCOE.

A tandem Cope-Fillon would be best to head the UMP as when there were three general secretaries (Novelli, Cope and 3rd lord I do not have the name at the top). We need the two currents, the militant Cope, the weighted Fillon. The UMP is the synthesis of the two. Cope President, Vice President Fillon and basta. Chatel Secretary.

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