Death wish

Yes, your minders get the sign, no need to labour it.   Yep, so amusing there are so many sheeple in America, eh, who won’t know what hit them?

There’ve been a few posts here now on the election … one, two, three, four … and the question I have is:

If I am capable of finding out about Obama without terribly much digging, discovering he is a completely nutter, then why can’t the American people find this out?   For example, making his acceptance speech on a stage based on the Temple of Zeus with flames shooting up from the ends of the stage – what’s that if it’s not insanely megalomaniacal?

And that mania extends to suppressing religious freedom:

“Phyllis Schlafly and George Neumayr have nailed it—in its tyrannical arrogance, the Obama administration behaves as though there is no higher power than itself. It will allow neither the Constitution nor religious liberty to interfere with its agenda. In a second term, it will be emboldened to do even more. If you want to know just how threatened our religious liberties really are, please read No Higher Power.”
—David Limbaugh

Be careful what you wish for, people, be careful what you endorse, what you allow to be banned because in the tradition of Niemoeller and Bolt’s Man for all Seasons, once they suppress the voice of high moral compass, then it’s a knife through butter from then on for the unprincipled Obama and henchmen.

There was another excellent article yesterday at Zero Hedge:

The solution is a return to a limited, decentralized confederation form of government like our first legitimate American government, the Articles of Confederation. One that is responsible to the people and ultimately controlled by the voters with the iron-clad political tools of initiative and referendum like exists in Switzerland today, where voters have the right to reject legislation and laws or enact laws outside the power of controlled legislative, judiciary and executive branches of government. Until we return to the Articles of Confederation, America and our liberties are doomed to extinction by the hidden control of international banking and economic elites.

Amen to that.

There was a comment in the Telegraph yesterday [now gone, swamped in other articles], which said basically that what Obama represents is sanity, fiscal soundness, Christianity and the family.      Whaaaa?   As what he represents is the diametric opposite of that, I couldn’t help wondering what the commenter was on or else he was just a Telegraph shill or journo stirring it up.

And then he went on about how it was a return to “sane politics”!   What – trillions in debt, gay marriage, breakdown of society, unrestricted immigration – these are sane policies are they?

The most frightening thing was that this commenter actually appeared to believe his rhetoric.   He really did and that he himself was therefore sane and normal to want all this misery.   Anyone disagreeing with him was a “hater”.    The lowering of the moral compass in society is presumably a fine thing we should aspire to.   Corruption, lying – Obama’s been caught out many times – all that is fine and “sane”.   Banksters – now do your worst.


You may have seen this from Charles Hurt:

All that for nothing. It was the billion-dollar election that did not decide one single damned thing.

Republicans control the House. Democrats control the Senate. And the White House remains in Democratic hands with absolutely no mandate whatsoever.

Another four years with no hope of change.

In this environment with this economy and all the gravely important matters pressing against the very existence of this country, it should have been a tsunami election. It should have been a landslide that sent President Obama into dust heap of failed presidencies. Instead, the election was about Big Bird.

It was the rape election. The contraception election. The binders full of women election.

It was about who was born where and whether she really could claim to be a Cherokee Indian.

It was about former president George W. Bush. And it was about gay marriage.

It was about the 1 percent and the 99 percent and the 47 percent.

It was about dancing freaking horses, for crying out loud!

Just about the only thing the election wasn’t about was the economy, which everyone agrees was the only thing voters actually cared about. People tend to really care about the economy when real unemployment reaches double digits, welfare rolls fatten by one-third, politicians rack up $16 trillion in debt and the largest tax hike in the history of the world looms just weeks away.

Yet that obviously is not what decided this election. Politicians were too busy talking all about Big Bird, rape and dancing horses.

The most disturbing issue of the election was how President Obama managed to win re-election in places like Ohio and Pennsylvania and Michigan by talking about the highly unpopular bailout of General Motors. By taking billions of dollars in hard-earned money from taxpayers during a deep recession and giving it to a couple of huge companies, Obama managed to buy the votes he needed to eke out re-election. Taxpayers remain on the hook to the tune of $25 billion.

You seriously have to shake your head at what happened.   One even more frightening aspect is that perhaps the liberal-left has been so hoodwinked that their numbers are over the 50%, say 55% and America is condemned to an eternity of insane politics.   You do know that Obama plans to launch war using the coward’s method – drones – don’t you?


The BBC’s Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen writes: In his victory speech President Obama told Americans that 10 years of war were ending. But turbulence in the Middle East means that military action, perhaps even new wars, will push back on to his agenda.

Well, surprise, surprise – who’dathunkit, eh?   And I wonder who those wars could possibly be against?   And didn’t a certain blogger the other day write that this is precisely what is going to happen?

Now why can I see it, read it, hear it and America – or one half of America – simply cannot?

Material which has come through these last two days goes into that and I’ll post when I can.   You do realize that that will trigger the Arab world.   You do know that Brzezxinzeskizi or whatever his name is is off the planet?   Just look at those vids again at his policies.   Google them.

Why am I even writing all this?   The readership of this blog is mainly British and the American component are generally of the centre-right or libertarian so I’m preaching to the converted.   The people who need to read this are oblivious, deliriously happy they’re slouching towards war.   The question is not what to do about Obama but what to do with these excuses for citizens?

Here’s the mentality:

The one bright ray of hope is that the House is still GOP and I hope they’re in good nick because there’s an awful lot of blocking and stonewalling to be done in the next term. They owe it to America to block Obama at every turn.


3 comments for “Death wish

  1. Amfortas
    November 8, 2012 at 08:41

    My local newspaper (or what passes for one) here reports a small squall on Twitter. Apparantly some American- educated and American- informed young American woman tweeted that she was going to emigrate to Australia because “The Australian President keeps his word and is a good Christian”.

    So much for teaching kiddies over in the Land of the Free.

    Oz has a Prime Minister; a woman. She a feminist and an atheist. She lies like a Dickie Mint trim-sheet.

  2. November 8, 2012 at 15:03

    There’s once consolation. It could have been worse. Romney could have been elected.

    The pessimist says: the lesser of two evils is still evil.

    The optimist says: the lesser of two evils is still lesser.

  3. November 8, 2012 at 15:59

    Thing is – Obama is not the lesser of the two evils – he’s the greater for the reasons stated. That’s the thing to bear in mind. Romney would have been hopeless. Obama is gearing up to destroy, is he not?

    Romney is a moneyed machine politician.

    Obama is a nutter who has God delusions.

    Better the devil we know. Who knows anything about Obama?

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