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le Figaro:

The President of the Board of Appeals of the UMP, Yannick Paternotte, announced in a statement that his body would meet at 9:30 am Sunday, suggesting that it does not decline jurisdiction, contrary to the request of Alain Juppé.

“We intend to exercise our responsibilities,” said Yannick Paternotte. Earlier, Juppé had asked that all members of the Commission who supported or Cope Fillon in the battle for the presidency of the UMP “deported”.

Jean-Francois Cope has rejected the request of Alain Juppe as members of the National Commission of the UMP to withdraw, saying it was “not valid”. “Legally it is not possible.   These are the statutes he made.”

In response to the request of Alain Juppé members pro-Cope and pro-Fillon do not sit in the National Commission for use of the UMP, Rachida Dati said that it was impossible because they were elected according to the statutes party.

“When (Alain Juppe) said that the members of the Appeals Board shall go, I do not know how he does it. Members are elected by the National Council! I even refer you to Jean-Pierre Raffarin, who is president of the National Council, “said the former Minister of Justice. According to the MEP, “you can not remove people who have been elected, if this is not democracy.  A party does not dissolve its statutes.”

What this is all about is that the meeting this coming Sunday was to have had Juppe in charge, two members appointed by the candidates and two members acceptable to both candidates.   Before getting to these final two, that makes it 2:1 Fillon’s way, as Juppe is Filloniste.  Cope accepted originally because at least one of the Commission members, possibly two, were Copist.   That would put the decision 3:2 for Cope, the elected leader.

What the outrage above is about is that Juppe wants the pro-Copist Commission members out, for obvious reasons.   This is a pure numbers game and all BS about “fair and balanced” is just that – BS.

It’s a critical issue because the elected President will greatly affect the colour of the UMP’s platform up to 2017, when Hollande will be so damaged that the UMP should walk in.   Hence the infighting now.   It’s not a storm in a teacup – it’s a major powerplay.

What smells is that Fillon accepts all the conditions of Juppe without question, meaning he knows it will go his way – he has the “impartial adjudicator” in the pocket.   Sarkozy, meanwhile, stays out of it as he hopes the presidential nomination will once again come his way.

There is no unbiased commentary. They just had a member of UMP on Le Talk, he opened his mouth and the phrases that came out were suspicious. I googled him and yep, he is Filloniste. Just so you know who supports whom, in non-French terms:

Fillon is supported by the EU, the socialists, the pink-right, by Cameron/Clarke, the IMF, CBs etc.

Cope is supported by small c conservatives, the Nigel type, libertarians, bloggers and so on. I’m heavily biased this way of course.

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