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Fantastic music: Magnatune works with artists directly, not with record labels, and all their music is hand-picked. On average, they accept 3% of submissions

Perfect audio quality: you get CD quality audio WAV files, as well as super-high quality VBR MP3s, AAC, and open source friendly FLAC and OGG formats

No DRM: No copy protection (DRM), you can do what you like with your music

Listen to everything: all their albums can be listened to in their entirety before you become a member

Download everything: their monthly membership allows you to download anything from their entire catalog–no limits.

Musicians get paid: 50% of your purchase price goes directly to the musician, not to labels and their lawyers

Album art: every album includes high quality album art (in both Adobe Acrobat and 300DPI JPG formats)

Give to your friends: They encourage you to give 3 copies of any music from your membership to your friends

Artists direct: They sign contracts directly with musicians, so you can rest assured that they can legally license music to you, and no middlemen get in the way of the artist’s royalties

Podcast-legal: non-commercial podcasters can use their music for free

No major labels: they have absolutely nothing to do with major labels or the RIAA

Financially support Open Source: they financially support several open source projects such as Amarok and Rhythmbox

If you want Icelandic music then [] is the real deal. Pretty good music that can be found there, but most of it obviously in a language that will sound like Klingon to most people…

Considering this is Slashdot, I’ll bet that more people understand Klingon than Icelandic.

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  1. Mark
    November 22, 2012 at 17:10

    I know Magnatune, and second this endorsement. Superb recording quality, great musicians. Lara St John’s Bach is just one of many special gems here.

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