I bought their first album and it was no better and no worse than others I bought at the time but the recordings didn’t match the live sound of other bands I saw in the clubs in those days.

It was an album of cover versions of old blues and R&B songs and finding and listening to the originals was a revelation!

They had two virtuoso musicians in the original line up, both of whom have since died. One was replaced by another virtuoso guitarist who eventually left them, probably bored with having to endlessly strum out variations of the three chord trick.

The other was kept very much in the background (despite being on every recording and being part of every live show and tour) because he did not match the ‘image’ that the management was trying to promote for the band.

And for the last forty years they have done nothing interesting musically, becoming a parody of themselves. They have morphed into their own Tribute Band. Sad isn’t it.

Their wholly manufactured image of the bad boys of rock and roll was never very convincing, not to me anyway. And in the footage from Altamont any pretence to being edgy and dangerous disappeared with the singer’s weedy voice plaintively asking (asking, not commanding!) people to cool it man.


They were about as dangerous as The Monkees or Herman’s Hermits.

This is what they wanted to sound like but they failed miserably –


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  1. James Higham November 28, 2012 at 22:08 Permalink

    Can we take it from this, JD, that you don’t much fancy the Stones? Interesting because nor do I.

  2. Span Ows November 28, 2012 at 22:12 Permalink

    This is what they wanted to sound like but they failed miserably

    And thank God for that: in all three cases ‘they’ sounded better IMHO

  3. okjoe57 November 29, 2012 at 05:57 Permalink

    At last! Someone’s said it. ‘Greatest rock n roll band on earth’, purleeeeeze’! Thank you thank you, James Higham. I saw them at the Romford Odeon in the mid-sixties, they were just another pop group with a few nice tunes. They’d spent years copying the Fab 4 but in 1969 when the Beatles called it a day they had to find a new routine. “Can’t go wrong with R n B, can we?” And they’re still at it over forty years later.

  4. okjoe57 November 29, 2012 at 06:05 Permalink

    Terrific post, thank you. I saw them at the Odeon in Romford in the mid-sixties, they were just another pop group with a few nice tunes. For years they were obviously just copying the Four Kings of EMI. In 1969, The Beatles called it a day, so .. what to do? Well, can’t go wrong with R’n’B, can you .. meanwhile 40 years later .. sheesh, give it up

  5. James Higham November 29, 2012 at 07:47 Permalink

    Okjoe – I feel bound to point out that this post was by JD, not me but I do accept what he says.

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