Jean-François Copé

Naturally one has to see anything at the Independent through its left-liberal, lib-Dem bias but it was still an interesting article.   Always amusing how the left/socialists call anything right of Marx either hardline or extreme right.

Small government, family, productivity, jobs, sane immigration policy – that’s hard right is it it?  LOL.  So what are his policies?

Mr Copé, who calls for the UMP to become a party of the “unashamed right”, has set an altogether more populist tone than his rival, despite their common positions on many policy issues, such as the need for robust reforms to revive the French economy and opposition to Mr Hollande’s plans to legalise homosexual marriage.

Yup – sounds fine so far.

The party did not need “a François Hollande of the right”, he said in a dig at Mr Fillon.

Absolutely.  The days of the Clarke-Cameron-Osborne-Major-Heath quislings are long gone.   What is needed is a politician who stands up for his country for once.

Obviously, one will get no unbiased data from the Themist FT, so does Wiki help?   Nope, nothing there.   This dearth of information in the controlled press means he might just be one of the good guys after all.  When the MSM and left-liberal organs refuse to state your case, odds are that the case is a good one [see Ron Paul].

Fillon was a Hollandish pro-EUist and Copé is for la belle France.   Vive la France, I say.

2 comments for “Jean-François Copé

  1. Amfortas
    November 21, 2012 at 11:29

    Forgive my lack of faith in any politician in any country. A Pox on all their houses. Most who appear to meet some of the criteria I wish are no better than skilled ‘magicians’ who rely upon the gullibility of the audience. Con artists without the artistry.

  2. November 21, 2012 at 11:55

    You’re right of course – perhaps he’s the least worst at this time.

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