Meanwhile, in South Africa

Justice Minister Jeff Radebe’s wife, mining tycoon Bridgette Radebe, the country’s richest & most powerful woman who owns Mmakau Mining & was put in charge of the state owned Alexkor when it “Privatised”…BEE style… that means state assets that were robbed by ANC, BEE moguls.

She is also the sister of Patrice Motsepe, reportedly the richest man in SA, who owns African Rainbow Minerals. The mother of Bridgette & Patrice is Margaret Keneilwe, a Tswana Princess, so they do not come from a “Previously Disadvantaged” background, rather a super-rich elite background.

Bridgette is also the sister in law of another BEE mogul Cyril Ramaphosa. She & Patrice’s other sister, Tsepiso Ramaphosa is the wife of Cyril Ramaphosa, one of the richest men in the country, who heads the Shanduka Group, which has shares in Lonmin.

In fact, Ramaphosa sits on the board of Lonmin.

These super rich black miners & arch communists all support nationalisation of the mines. They are the ones behind Malema & his nationalisation rhetoric. “Power to the people”, they profess while concentrating more power to an ever smaller & super rich elite of BEE thieves. Robbing & raping the mineral wealth of South Africa.

Never forget that in the lexicon of the Communist, “The people” means the Communist elite & the Communist inner circle. Follow the money & you will see who that inner circle is. If they have such high socialist ideals why don’t they sell their assets & give their wealth to the poor miners?

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