PACE – slogging away at recognition

What do you do if you’re light years from an issue, aren’t up with it, know little about it but do recognize that it needs to be presented?

Well you have to somehow post on it and hope that people who know the facts come in and turn the post into something worthwhile.  Such is the case with PACE, Jeremy Hunt and CBT.  Yvonne Leach takes up the story:

Following on from your blog entry Slogging Away, reference Jeremy Hunt and CBT courses connection: you may or may not be aware of the £5million plus taxpayers’ money wasted on the PACE study and subsequent misselling of the results steering the way towards greater use of CBT in the NHS. CFS/ME aside, if it smells rotten, it usually is:

This is also interesting:

Remember how ‘they’ started with tobacco and are now heading towards alcohol and food; the same can be said for CFS/ME and CBT/GET. It is a subject worth watching and linking the dots.

I read the Scribd piece and the further into it I got, the more criminal it seemed to my mind.   See what you think.

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