Over at OoL now:

You sang the hymns of your nation’s heritage – yes?   And what?   You were “made to” stay with your parents for the first eighteen years of your life.  Terrible, wasn’t it?   You were “made to” eat food to stay alive.  You were “made to” have an education, even though you did not receive one in the end.

Another commenter put it succinctly:

What utter tripe from the usual suspects.  The country is, nominally at least, overwhelmingly Christian and those of other faiths make up considerably less than 10% of the total population.

View the census results.   Which is not to say there are not grave concerns – the mix in the country is being steadily eroded – some would say it’s a flood – but it’s not so much them per se who are the immediate problem, rather, in the words of another commenter:

I’m not sure that it is just immigrants who are pushing for side-lining or even destroying our Christian way of life. More likely it’s those far-left pests who have infiltrated every corner of our lives – you know, the types who run ‘Stonewall’ for example, or who dominate the teaching unions, and who produce explicit sex education material for infants. They’re a menace, the lot of them.

A ship has a backbone, a keelson.  A car has a chassis if it’s built to last.   Buildings have foundations deep in the earth.