Songs popular around 1918

When people think of “the war” and its music,  it’s usually the commemorative type such as Vera Lynn or even the populist Lily Marlene.   But what were people listening to during WW1?   Perhaps some of these? Obviously the clips are anachronistic but the music is not:

The older generation always gives to the younger but what can the younger be expected to do? I’d say one thing only – to remember, just to remember or perhaps more accurately – to commemorate. May the day never come when we forget to do that.

You’d expect Long Way and other songs on all the lists but I thought I’d give these others an airing instead:

When I was teaching in Australia, I’d always take my class to see the Armistice Day commemoration and the shining of the light onto the plaque in the Shrine. They were right into it and one can only hope they pass that on.

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    What part of the body is the gniau?

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    It’s the bit behind the anterior of the dorsal fin.

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