The politics of greed and envy

1735 comments, mostly along the same lines, on one article – does that tell the left-liberal something?   Probably not.

The article?

Two-thirds of millionaires left Britain to avoid 50p tax rate

The most stupid comment of all?

Every nation should tax millionaires and billionaires at those rates so they have nowhere to run. Many of those people driven by money will not disappear. That is what they live for, the greed, and they enjoy making money so they will continue to make money even when they are taxed higher. It’ s part of what makes them rich in the first place. Those people usually not only have the knack for making the cash but really enjoy doing it, so tax the hell out of them. They will continue to do what they do well because it’s who they are.

The rejoinder:

Yes, all Libs should dominate the globe and suppress effort and innovation by demanding the seizure of earned wages.

We must demand that all countries do this…..  it would be unfair for one to have low taxes as they might be able to attract top talent more easily.

You fascist.

My comment on the first commenter above:

You are consumed by the politics of greed and envy which have destroyed this country.  The tax-the-rich mantra destroys incentive – can’t you get that into your head?

We unfortunately fall into two camps on this – one is called free enterprise and one is called socialism.   No prizes for which comments above were which.

And there is further horror – the govt, having missed out on the tax, tries to double tax if the businessman steps back onshore.   Why would he wish to, except for nostalgia for a long-lost apex society?

You see it in a worse form in Russia but they had 73 years to develop it.   Greed is endemic.   If you’re wanted for your skills by enlightened people, you can be sure there are also greedy officials, mafia and citizenry poised to relieve you of as much of it as they can get their hands on and then you can do as you like.

This social philosophy over here sees talent drains, mediocritization, nannying and the worst sorts of social behaviour as people lose all dignity and scramble for anything they can get.   It’s reduction of the people to beasts.

The prime culprit is Them, of which Carney is high priest over here and some of the most maligned are in the City.  Tell me what is wrong with playing the market, risking your earnings each time you make a decision, accepting you’ll have losses and trying to refine your game as you go along?

What is wrong with you pumping that back into your extended family?   You’ve done the work in a specialized field, it’s yours to disburse.   The public have a right to 33% or whatever the flat tax rate would be, just as they do from anyone else earning money.   Why should a person be penalized for success?


Le Test

If you agree with the above, then you are for free enterprise and freedom of choice in what you do.  If you believe that having money in the bank is not intrinsically evil, then you are of the social philosophy I also subscribe to.

If you violently disagree, if you believe that having money in the bank is intrinsically evil or needs to be appropriated ASAP, then you have socialist tendencies and want what is not yours.


50p tax rate successfully rids Britain of unwanted millionaires

5 comments for “The politics of greed and envy

  1. November 29, 2012 at 18:19

    Having socialist tendencies does NOYT mean you want what is not yours! It just means you want a fairer world.

  2. November 29, 2012 at 18:19

    And you got me so angry I can’t spell.

  3. November 29, 2012 at 19:17

    It just means you want a fairer world.

    I despair – so many times we’ve explained.

    Yes, that’s what the left-liberal wants – it’s all ideals – but the means invite in the very people waiting for this – we’ve been through that countless times and many other articles in many journals have also explained that. The banksters themselves are having a field day at the naivety of the left-liberals.

    This is the essential reason we are close to destruction – this left-liberal inability to see what they are enabling. I’ve written on it many times, so many writers have – the left-liberal actually believes he’s the good guy, wanting a “fairer” world but all that ever happens is destruction, despite his best intentions and then he goes and blames the wrong cause.

    There has never been a socialist government which worked, there has never been one which did not blow out the bureaucracy and debt in grandiose schemes which give fatcats salaries at taxpayer expense. Quangos, false charities, the whole thing.

    The government says – you want fairness? Give us the power to enforce it – and the left-liberal happily votes him in, actually believing the government is going to do good things. All the government ever does though is gather powers for itself and keeps people under the yoke. In its extreme form, look at the USSR and China.

    My Russian friends are following this Leveson press control thing and are shaking their heads – how could the Brits be so stupid as to fall for that phone hacking, therefore press control gag – the oldest gag in the world and here are the Brits falling for it. Hegel.

    Every single person I know over here was against the hacking – I myself want Brookes in jail even now – we’re all down on the terrible things which happened. But taking away press freedom to achieve it is so naive, only a left-liberal would believe it.

    A left-liberal sees none of these machinations because he’s politically naive, tied up in all this fairness and tolerance and love which the government is playing along with, using the feelgood buzzwords for its own ends. And it strikes a chord and more oppression is put in place. Take “positive discrimination”. If it’s positive for one lot, then it must, by definition, be negative for the other lot.

    That is precisely what sends the centre-right apoplectic.

    You’re angry, Welshcakes? That’s nothing to what we are in the face of all this idiocy going on out there.

    Press regulation, judges letting crims go and incarcerating for wheelie-bin “crime”, the lowering of the moral compass, the loss of ethics right through society, stagnation, economy going down, loss of freedoms – all of this has been brought about by left wing governments plus the third force we can call Them – the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, TLC, CFR, IMF, WB, BIS, Bruderheist, Club of Rome, Berlusconi etc.

    Look at France – it has just lost its triple A rating and Hollande is the least popular President ever, even lower than Sarkozy. Why? Because left-liberals are incapable of governing but they’re very good at selling out the country – Wilson, Heath, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clarke, Clegg, all of Labour. The Lib Dems, half of the Tories.

    Them are the wolves and the left-liberals are the sheep. There’s about 30% perhaps of the community who are the shepherds but the wolves keep them away, calling them misogynist, homophobic, racist and all the other buzzwords meant to marginalize those who know what’s going down.

    We want all the things you want – fairness, tolerance, a better world – but there are ways to go about it. Handing over control to the State is not one of them and the more we fight, rail against it, beat our heads against a brick wall, the more the lovely people who only want a fairer world give the government powers to put in place the diametric opposite of what they want. And when it goes all pear-shaped, e.g. with the EU, these kindly souls cast about for someone to blame – usually Thatcher fits the bill.


    Here’s a test case:

    ‘A law is needed to stop press havoc’: Lord Leveson calls for ‘genuinely independent and effective watchdog to protect innocent members of the public’

    Now, Welshcakes, indulge me, do you believe such a thing is possible – a genuinely independent and effective watchdog?

    I can show you evidence that is impossible:

    Look for the words Media Standards Trust.

    There’s the answer to that question. And even Cameron, whom I am generally down on, thinks the same way:

    Cameron: ‘I’m NOT convinced by Leveson’. PM warns ‘complicated plan to cross Rubicon’ and regulate press by law COULD impinge on free speech

    There is not the slightest chance, for at least four reasons, why that watchdog would be independent.

    Now, there are good people who have done a lot of work to dig these things out – they’ve been sleuthing. I name John Ward, Ken Craggs and Graham Watson for a start.

    If someone says – well of course there should be an independent watchdog – there’s a huge difference between the ideal and actually going along with a decision to set one up. Because these three men have shown that in the very act of setting one up, that’s the portal Them have been angling for all along.

    And all these sleuths can do is watch on in horror as it is set up. Naivety is not just a charming character trait. In politics, it is deadly because it unknowingly excuses atrocities.

    And so, hours later, along comes the proof of what we have been warning of:

    MPs attack plan to put press regulation under control of ‘wholly unelected and unaccountable’ state quango Ofcom

    Ofcom is NOT independent and as the MPs say – it is wholly unelected and unaccountable. At least the government itself can technically be voted out. This is what we knew would happen all along and this is why we charge naivety of those who say a genuinely independent and effective watchdog is possible.

    And this is why we get so angry – it’s not as if we’re not warning people.

    As for greed, that is precisely what so many in the society are now showing – something for nothing and a handout mentality. And the quiz question for today – which way do they traditionally vote?

    I’ve an article by a black American who said that fifty years ago, though there was much that needed to be improved for blacks, there was still a work ethic and the aim was to better oneself – parents were forever on at their kids to do that. Today, he says, the black has no need to work – the state [the taxpayer] looks after him and he can go off rioting and if he does get into trouble, it’s a 50-50 chance he’d be put away.

    Women are behaving abominably today in public life. Why? They’re encouraged by the state to do so. Teenage mothers are not in shame – they are given money by the state to do it. That is socialism, that is left-liberalism. Gangs of youths roam the streets and get them pregnant. Why are they irresponsible? Because courts let them off, the teachers are all left-liberal, and always, behind this, is the nasty spectre of Them.

    At least the left-liberal gets roundly condemned but Them gets away with it all. The whole climate scam and the green scam in general is Them using left-liberals to get their way. It just goes on and on and on.

  4. November 30, 2012 at 08:52

    Welshcakes, a late thought – it’s not having a go at you but it’s that it is not just me saying these things about the left – have a look at this one:

    That’s an infinitesimal fragment on the what has been written about the problem, most of which most people are not even remotely aware of.

  5. james wilson
    December 2, 2012 at 04:38

    The people who demand a fairer world are invariably those who will not personally extend themselves to do it.

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