The problem with Nadine Dorries

If you analyse Nadine Dorries’ behaviour, various words spring to mind.   She is “headstrong” – that is she had her plans and nothing was going to alter them.   She “lacks responsibility”.   She did not give a damn about her constituents.  She was “self-entitled” and is still saying she had every right.   It’s not an issue of the right or not – it’s an issue of “maturity” and “gravitas”, which she lacks.   She wanted to be “a star” and like so many women in parliament, wanted to be the Big Kahuna, someone who made her mark, rather than someone who fitted in like a cog in a machine.

She is flighty – thinking of going one way, then suddenly changing and going another, not feeling she has to explain herself to anyone.   This is not how an elected representative of a community should act.

There is another group in society that the behaviour of Dorries resembles – the teenage girl.   Excepting hormonal histrionics, the behaviour is just as beyond reason, just as difficult to deal with.   Why would a party want anything to do with such people?

The answer is that they are forced to have them there because of the PC narrative.  And it’s not even those in parliament – look at the Bercow woman – not a shred of dignity, shoots her mouth off, thinks she’s the ant’s pants.    Do none of them understand the principle of Caesar’s wife?

And it’s not just our parliament – the French assembly had one recently, the Spanish, the Greek and then there is the monstrosity of Gillard and back to France with Bruni and the Rottweiler.   It’s almost as if they are kids who’ve been given far too much too early and it’s gone to their heads.   Flint wanted to be a serious Minister of the Crown and a photo model at the same time and if you look at her poses, laid out Cleopatra like on a chaisse-longue, you’ll get the idea.

Do you know what these people described lack?


Apply that word to various public figures you know – Ryan Giggs and wife, the Bercows, Posh and Becks, Rihanna, Kardashian, Wills and Kate, the Dorries, the Chipmunk, Squidgee, the one who wanted to be a tampon, Fergie [the female version], Napolitano, Sullivan, Warren, Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh, Letterman, Enoch Powell, Maggie, Kinnock – go through that list and ask yourself which of those displayed 1. dignity and 2. decency.

Only a small minority of those did/do.

That I believe is the issue today and it’s certainly the issue with Nadine Dorries.

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