If I met her, I don’t think I’d take her hand – who knows where she’s been or what one could catch?   And as for this one – dot dot dot.

This chronic inability to keep the legs closed is an example of French nobility, is it?   Wonder what French women think of them.

And as for this idiot – what is it about politics and business which attracts the very worst kind of woman?

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  1. November 6, 2012 at 17:13

    Ah, my Dear James… I am very good friends with a female psychotherapist of my own age who could probably get a dozen new research papers and at least one book out of a few conversations with you.

    Women eh? Your bonnet contains a few bees about them, but I do sincerely enjoy hearing them buzz.

    A few posts about incompetent, undeserving, idiotic, mad, bad and evil men and the specific problems they cause nice, sensible innocent women might be interesting homework for you though.

    Just a friendly suggestion, and should you decline I will be very content just to keep listening to your bees as they buzz. It’s what I come to your ‘school’ for (amongst other things).

  2. November 6, 2012 at 17:36

    I don’t know if you deliberately miss the point, DQS and go the ad hominem route, speaking of psychotherapists and the like so obviously I have to say it yet again for the umpteenth time – it is not women but parachutees in general and the worst kind of women I am down on.

    How the hell is it these types get into power? Where are the good women? That is the only question I’m asking. I wonder what your psychotherapist friend would say to that? Why isn’t she in power, for example, in a key role? And my friend I’ve been speaking with this afternoon – a rational person with a set of morals – why isn’t she in a key role?

    Why is it the Datis and Rottweilers and Harmans and Meyers and Dunns and Dorrieses and Mays and Fiorinas and Sullivans and Fahats and so on – why are they in power? Wasi, Abbott?

    That’s what I’m down on and it is a political issue, not a psychological issue.

    And one other thing – it wasn’t my post – it was sent and I posted it but we’ll let that one pass.

  3. November 6, 2012 at 17:46

    Ach James, I don’t miss any points, believe me, although I do feel free to choose which points I wish to address. “Why do the worst women get into power?” That is as good a question as “Why do the worst men get into power?”. Indeed, “Why do the worst people get into power?” A wider topic worthy of study, I would suggest.

  4. November 6, 2012 at 17:50

    The answer I already partially know. There have always been men in power ranging from bad to good. There have not been many women. Now, due to the PC narrative, there are but they are low quality – see the post above.

    Surely we need good women in power who would be generally accepted but we don’t get them – we get this sort of trash. One lady said the best ones are either earning for their families or are home with their families. It’s the malcontents and overly ambitious who worm their way into these positions.

    I’d like to see good women in power – now, if that’s a psychological issue, then I plead guilty.

  5. November 6, 2012 at 18:37

    Everything to do with humans is a psychological issue James. The good lady friend I mentioned also has much fun, and gives me much fun, discussing my own psychology and psychotherapeutic options, and indeed hers.

    If we were to regard groin thrusting behaviour of men in the same way as the leg opening habits of women is done in this post there would be a heck of a lot of male politicians to similarly dismiss as “trash”.

    Thanks for the space to make a few comments, of which this is the last for this post.

  6. Penseivat
    November 6, 2012 at 21:42

    A magazine article I read recently – and it didn’t even have any pictures in it! – referred to the head of the male penis. Apparently, the head of the erect male penis is shaped like it is, unlike other animals penises (penii!) which have simple rounded heads, is to force its way through the sperm of any previous ‘donor’ on the forward thrust and eject it on the backwards movement, thereby enabling the latest ejaculation to be the dominating fertilisation agent. To be honest I always thought it was to stop my hand slipping off every time I dreamt of Sophia Loren, but then, what do I know? The last person that Ms Dati opened her legs to, providing it was within 12 hours of the last one, should be considered a prime contender. The magazine also suggested, on the topic of sexual hygiene, that if you have unprotected sex with someone, then you are also, indirectly having unprotected sex with whoever has had unprotected sex with that person in the past. Having seen pictures of Ms Dati’s former paramours, if I had been included among them, I would be kneeling in front of the cermaic throne at the moment shouting for my friend ‘Huey’!

  7. Amfortas
    November 7, 2012 at 00:55

    When I say, “A Pox on all their houses”, it is instructive to see so many women trying hard to implement it as a policy. The French are in the lead, but only because the British political females are a sourpuss lot.

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