We can no longer defend ourselves

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One commenter at the Mail sums it up:

The government slashed the throat of the British aircraft industry scrapping Nimrod and selling Harriers for £115 mill after a £500m refurb, The knock on effect, no technicians, no engineers, no bases to fly from, no defence of the UK.

The UK Government is the laughing stock of Europe. No investment, we no longer manufacture anything of significance. The coalition has destroyed Britain as a aircraft manufacturer, wasted billions, and put thousands of people out of work.The Navy and airforce slashed. Personnel coming home to face more cuts and life on the dole.

The government talked about creating jobs for young people, maybe McDonalds is something the government thinks is a quality job. We have given up a military expertise, by sacking highly trained people, who did a great job. The leaders of the coalition have not fought a war, not lost a son or daughter on the front line, and not been maimed or dismembered.

Just have no idea, all hooray henries playing lets ruin Britain.

Seems to me Cameron and the MoD are either quislings or utter self-aggrandizing fools.   These commenters at the Telegraph sum it up for me too:

I am glad to note that the Daily Telegraph has a good quantity of arm chair generals, people who have never served, who have never been near a military establishment. People quite frankly who are talking out of the back of their proverbial.

It is not the generals who order the equipment but the oiks in the Mod, who allocate the money.

The generals are at the end of a cynical political game waged by politicians who themselves have never fired a shot in anger.

They are easy meat as they cannot speak out and say no. They cannot collectively refuse to carry on. So it is easy to cut their resources, their man power.

I am sick and tired of seeing the once most efficient fighting force reduced to an army with the weak bone like those on the continent.

In France they are are laughing all the way to the bank. We are now dependent on our oldest foe to help us out of the shit!!

Cameron and Osborne should be hang drawn and quartered because it is they who commit treason against the country they are supposed to govern and protect.

… and:

It’s all very strange. On the one hand we have the government continuing in the Nu-Labour tradition and slashing the defence forces to such an extent that we could soon be invaded by half a dozen boy scouts in a rowing boat; yet, on the other hand, Camoron, and his fellow idiot, Hague, is literally slavering at the mouth with his desire to get into a war with Syria and Iran.

Now we know that Camoron, like Bliar before him, is an idiot. We also know that a lot of their grandstanding, including their involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, was/is due to their desire to be seen as “world leaders”; as well as their desire to be seen as America’s favourite pet poodles. However, with the soon to be Swiss size army, even America will lose interest in them as pet poodles.

This leaves Camoron with one real option in the event of future hostilities, including another Argie invasion of the Falklands, and that is to surrender control of our armed forces to an unelected EUSSR army. However, given his natural subservience to the EUSSR, this may actually have been his plan all along.

What price then, our international and national interests, when we will be at the whim of unstable and unaccountable foreigners in the EUSSR whose interests may be at total variance with ours?

… and:

We do vote for this by voting for the main three parties. We know what they are like yet the vast majority still vote for them regardless of what they do. I expect we will see more of it today. Despite recent events which have seen more fraud and corruption the people of Corby will elect a member of the identikit main parties despite all the alternatives on offer.

I wish the General had also mentioned the fact that making long serving soldiers redundant close to pension point and not compensating them appropriately for the loss of their pensions is having a very negative effect on armed forces morale, its not just the cuts themselves, it’s the way they are being handled.

Some 80 soldiers in the last round of cuts have been made compulsorily redundant within a year of reaching their pension point. My brother included, who will be 82 days short. One of the officers I know in this group will have completed nearly 16 years service by next year FIVE of which have been in war zones! That’s the sort of commitment and loyalty these men and their families have given to The Crown.

This group of soldiers who are being treated in this way have probably seen more active service than any since World War II. To deny them the pensions they have accrued to date just because they are short of a few days or months is wrong, wrong, morally wrong and flies against the spirit of the Military Covenant.

Help the families get this issue talked about in Parliament. Please sign the Parliamentary epetition and get MPs working on their behalf. Thank you




Just why is this so difficult for half this country to comprehend?

We must withdraw from the EU and begin unilateral agreements with the various European nations, overseas aid to rich countries cut and the money put into conventional defence forces, ditto with all the quangos and fake charity money.

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  1. ivan November 15, 2012 at 17:25 Permalink

    I will make one observation. The military have allegiance to the throne and not parliament. On the other hand the police farce does parliaments bidding.

    Something to think about maybe because the UK is heading towards being a police state.

  2. james wilson November 15, 2012 at 17:32 Permalink

    Why wouldn’t Blair and Cameron be idiots? And when, in this type of system, you get someone who is not actually an idiot, you may come to think better of idiots. Over here, we may think that Obama is an idiot but that is not the case, because he means to do this to us. It is said that sufficiently advanced incompetence is difficult to distinguish from malice, but your present PM appears genuinely incompetent. Pick your poison.

    The EU arrangement is a utopian and visionary idea to solve problems that had already been solved–with great difficulty–and so the utopian has instead placed you in a large fetid barn with no exit. There is one thing which the utopian cannot tolerate, and that is being irrelevant. Now he has made an immense amount of work for himself and feels so important that he can’t see what is coming bringing down on his own head.

    Even opinion is of force enough to make itself be espoused at the expense of life–

    Hayek’s wrote that astonishing facts were revealed by economics and biology–that order generated without design can far outstrip plans men consciously contrive. That, is the invisible hand. A self-organizing principle present within talented humans. Hayek also saw that “the human mind cannot foresee its own advance”, but that “For Aristotle, all ordering of human activities was the result of deliberate organization of individual actions by an ordering mind. The socialist mind can conceive of order only as the result of deliberate arrangement.” The socialist vision, although illusion, is quite visible, and even colorful. The invisible hand looses that contest in popular elections. It’s invisible.

  3. Amfortas November 16, 2012 at 02:03 Permalink

    Let’s be realistic. Britain is old. It is descending into decrepitude. The eysight is fading and blurring; hearing aids are needed; the stick is to lean on rather than brandish.

    There are those of us who were once warriors who can look back on a Golden Age of air power and technological might, but even when the immense skill and innovation was at its peak, the rusting rains were already pouring through the MOD’s cracks. Denis Healy poured not just rain on the RAF’s parade but acid and sledgehammers onto the airframes of the TSR2. The Air Chiefs sat on their arses.

    We care nothing (at official level) for our history and heritage. The Harrier and the Hunter, the Javelin and the Buccaneer, the Lightning and the Jaguar have all disappeared from the skies. Not even a few are flying as ‘official’ exhibits. Only one of the above list remain as privately operated flying machine. Soon the Tornado will disappear too.

    The ‘V’ Force has just ONE example still flying, and that is privately financed and operated. That too will be grounded soon.

    I weep. It is not just the passing of my ‘youth’ occupation and life, but the rubbishing of my heritage.

    PS. That snap of the Harrier at the gate: I think that is ‘Christine’. So named as every airframe mechanic who ever laid a spanner on her was injured.

    (*There was a mildly ‘horror’ film of a malevolent car named Christine)

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