Wet and dry

Some nice comments on Patten:

#  The BBC has never been unbiased.   Patten may be greedy but McAlpine doesn’t look underfed either.

#  Having lived in HK whilst he was Governor and experienced his limp leadership – the article puts everything back into perspective = I totally agree and best he leaves.

#  Europhile says it all about the measure of the man.

#  Patten is protected by the establishment who have ensured throughout his career he has been able to move from one cushy job to another even though he has been a failure at them with the possible exception as University Chancellor. He is that epitome of the the socialist liberal Europhile politician who have run this country so badly for the last 30 years.

So nice to read some normal, sane people are still out there.

However, Heath, Prior, Walker, Major, Patten, Barber, Biffen, Carrington, Clarke, St John-Stevas, Gilmour, Haselhurst, Heseltine, Hurd, Meyer, Pym, Scott, Young – those are some of the most treacherous people this country has seen, along with their colleagues:

Blair, Brown, Balls, Miliband, Wilson, Galloway and so on but to be fair to those on the lower list, they were at least honest traitors – they were open about selling this country down the drain and boasting about it. Whereas they will just be hung, those on the list above need a dose of hanging, drawing and quartering.

As emotive language such as calling them scumbags will get me nowhere, I’ll refrain from calling them that.

I was asked by James Wilson:

My question is, considering the odd and alien demographics you have already imported, is it [the south and east European migration] also a good thing? What does the English right-wing blogosphere think?

Not sure if it’s specifically a “rightwing” thing but there is a mood up and down the country against the excesses of immigration.  Most moderates would say the local shopkeeper is fine, the ones they know are fine but the sheer numbers, the impunity with which they’re arriving and living off benefits at taxpayer expense and the radicalism of so many of them even after they’re given everything they want by the government – that does get up ordinary people’s noses and one hears comments in RL the whole time.

The Muslim grooming of local teenagers for sex did not go down at all well with the indigenous here.

It’s a respect thing, as Americans might say.

Like you over there, as you see from the first half of this post, there are two separate species, alien to each other but living within the same borders.

An example of the first lot – any clone would do

One lot are into government enforced equality at any price, the selling out of the country, rampant bansturbation, the suppression of traditions and culture, big government, bureaucracy and quangos, whilst spouting all about “fairness” “tolerance” and “sharing the wealth”.   They’re into quotas in a big way, as against merit and ability.   They think parachutism is a fine thing.  The terms “self-entitled”, “sense of victimhood” and “gimme gimme for free” were coined for these people.   Many of them are obese and covered in tatts.   They’re down on “capitalists” or anyone having more money than them and they want it redistributed their way.

An example of the second lot

The other lot use words such as “patriotic”, “common sense”, “discretion”, “initiative”, “taking responsibility”, “maturity”, “do unto others”, “self-respect”, “deportment”, “heritage”, “working for a living”, “inheritance”, “take as one finds” and so on.  Other terms associated with them include “traditional family”, “defence of the nation”, “sovereignty”, “protecting children” and they use the word “heroes” for our armed forces, rather than “warmongering babykillers”.  The more politically astute of these are down on global socialists, the elite, including crony capitalists who ruin it for everyone else and act like gangsters.

This latter is one of the few things both sides agree on.

5 comments for “Wet and dry

  1. wiggiatlarge
    November 13, 2012 at 08:42

    Everything you say about Patten is true, but this and all the politically slanted attacks on the BBC especially in the MSM have completely lost sight deliberately or otherwise of the real victims in all this the abused.
    It has been well documented elsewhere no better than on here http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2012/11/12/an-open-letter-to-ed-miliband/

  2. wiggiatlarge
    November 13, 2012 at 11:20

    Been shown before but worth a view, the the thesaurus of political speak .


  3. Nixon Scraypes
    November 13, 2012 at 13:37

    The first lot are evil and the second lot are good? Have I got it right?

  4. November 13, 2012 at 13:48

    The first lot are susceptible because they’re into the narrative but are not usually aware of the bstds behind the narrative. They see the good parts – the love-everyone and the egalite and the fairness as it’s presented but not being overtly political, they don’t see how their good natures are being manipulated.

    The second lot are aware of it but because they’re forever giving out warnings, e.g. Enoch, they’re not often fun people and so their message is blunted and not received well.

    The third lot – Them – are anathema to both but each of the two groups of people interpret Them differently. One lot sees Them as wicked capitalists and fascists, exploiting the common man [hence OWS] and the others interpret Them as the global socialist elite who are ruining free enterprise and causing it to come very close to being suppressed [see Zero Hedge for many articles along these lines, also Karl Denninger and Jesse].

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