Who is the real enemy? A different angle …

My first reaction on seeing this:

… sent by Lord Somber from the States, was OMG, what have we here?  A Metallica guy slow to his points, smoking and drinking along the way and waving his hands about between his face and the camera.

However, I persevered and he made a number of good points until about 6:45 when he made a simple but very good point indeed.  From then on, it was all uphill.  This is his case:

When power is in the hands of the productive, the society is much better.   When you have a situation of the shifters of wealth at the top who aren’t productive in themselves – bankers, politicians etc. having the power and then you have the welfare recipients down below who often do nothing productive, these two groups are being paid for by a range of people from the minimum wage earner to the successful businessman- the ones in the middle.

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