Women on bicycles [well almost]

Bicycles and love:

“I prefer drawing to talking,” Le Corbusier famously proclaimed. “Drawing is faster and leaves less room for lies.” The best of drawing can reveal deep and tender truths with just a few simple, expressive lines. That’s what Jean-Jacques Sempé, France’s most celebrated cartoonist, does in Displays of Affection (public library) — a wonderful “book of people falling in (and out) of love,” originally published in 1981. Among other delights of the heart, the charming narrative explores two of my favorite things: bikes and love.

2 comments for “Women on bicycles [well almost]

  1. Amfortas
    November 7, 2012 at 14:24

    I like bikes. I had a paper-round as a lad and saved up for a year, 22 quid, and had my local bike shop build me a beaut. I rode all over Warwickshire on it instead of being at school.

    Years passed before I bought my current bike (off the internet) which is suitable for a knackered old shyte cum gentleman of leisure, like wot I is. It folds in half and has an electric motor in the back wheel. It will do 25kmph on the flat and 6kmph uphill with pedal assist. It sits in the back of my station wagon and goes everywhere with me.

    It is a ‘small’wheel’ bike (18″) and the youngsters around on their mountain bikes all want one like mine. (‘cuz I beat them in races along the street !)


  2. November 7, 2012 at 16:44

    Lot’s of fun. Apparently, according to my secretary friend, she almost ran me off the road today. I’m sure a lot of ladies would be hoping she had.

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