Another in the intelligent burglar series

From This is True:

1.  A burglar may have thought he had an easy mark when he broke into the home of Edwin Dowdy, 83, and his wife Jutta, 76, of Kenmore, Qld., Australia. The intruder, described as a “muscular” man in his 30s, was no match for the Dowdys, who both have black belts in Aikido.

Edwin told the man he had a knife and to leave, but the man rushed him, instead — and ran into the knife. He grabbed Jutta’s purse and left a trail of blood as he fled, police say.

He then tried to break into a car down the street to get away, but failed at that, too. Still, the man escaped. (RC/Brisbane Courier-Mail)

2.  A woman in Auchenflower, Qld., Australia, called police after a burglar broke into her home and stole her purse, money, and her cell phone.

As she reported the crime, she was able to tell investigators exactly where the thief was: she used the “Find my
Phone” app to track it. As she directed officers to the man, he ran, but they were able to catch up to and subdue Anthony Andrew Mason, 34.

In addition to the cell phone theft, investigators tied him to a number of other burglaries, including one where an elderly couple was able to fend him off thanks to having black belts in Aikido.

In court, a reporter noted, Mason was “still sporting a nasty but healing cut on his left forearm.” Mason is charged in six burglaries so far, allegedly to support a heroin habit. (RC/Brisbane Courier-Mail)

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