Martin Kelly on the British approach to excellence

Mark Wadsworth on terraced housing

#  Karl Denninger on the mania for gun control following CT

Clarissa‘s wandering about again

Pavlov’s Cat on linking and subediting

#  Cingram on locking up murderers, not the movement

Ian Hills on building the EU army

Raedwald on being a lapsed cyclist

Blogfocus used to be a regular feature of this blog, mainly from the old blog but perhaps it’s time to resurrect it.   This was how I used to do them.

The problem with any sort of selection of blogs to feature is always that many get left out each time and I’ve noticed that some only look to see if they’re there, rather than to actually check out those links, which is the purpose of the exercise.

If it was popular as an idea, I’d continue it, so think a poll is in order.  However, polls on this site have a bad record, with few respondents.   Still, I’ll try and see what happens.

Meanwhile, under the heading Thank Goodness for That:

MPs launch gay marriage rebellion

Vasectomies are down 60% in a decade, thank goodness

Divorce is too easy, say most Britons

… and Great Sadness:

Fewer than one in ten women stay at home to look after their children

3 comments for “Blogfocus

  1. dearieme
    December 17, 2012 at 12:58

    Raedwald made me think about skills I used to have but have long lost.

    I wouldn’t dream of trying to repair a puncture on a bike nowadays. I can’t solder any more. I wonder how many more I should add to this short list. Greasing the cock on a burette; pipetting by mouth; using a mechanical calculator; programming (“patching”) an analogue computer … Not to mention my more advanced chem lab skills: organic synthesis, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, ….. It’s decades since I used any analytical equipment bar a mass spec – and that was years ago. Programming in a host of languages – Atlas Autocode, IMP, Fortran IV, Fortran 77, Basic …
    Bits of PC software: Lotus 123, Wordperfect …

    I suspect that it’s not a universal truth that “it’ll all come back to you”.

  2. JD
    December 17, 2012 at 16:59

    can I add to the Blogfocus?

    Most will have missed this among all the other madness going on around us just now but this sums up the insanity of our so-called ‘ruling class’ (and insanity is not too strong a word)

  3. dearieme
    December 18, 2012 at 21:22

    JD, the sentence should be doubled for wearing a baseball cap.

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