Do you remember Oliver’s Travels [1995]?

Oliver: You taught yourself computer technology?
T. H. Moody: [nods] Social and Economic History, that was my field. But when I saw what was happening in the real world…
Oliver: Ah, yes, the real world.
T. H. Moody: Survival of the fittest. Adapt or die. I noticed that history was, uh…
Oliver: …a thing of the past.
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[Mrs. Moody offers her condolences on Oliver’s being let go from the university]
Oliver: I expected it from the first moment.
Mrs. Moody: You did?
Oliver: A letter arrived from your husband inviting me to meet him at a sherry party. It was signed, ‘T. H. MOODY.”
Mrs. Moody: Theodore Horatio. Family names, God help us.
Oliver: But don’t you see? It’s an anagram of ‘THY DOOM.’ “Oliver,” I said to myself, “prepare to meet thy doom,” and I did.
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Oliver: I’m feeling the chill of middle age. I need the warmth of a good woman.
Mrs. Moody: Bullshit.
[walks away]
Oliver: Also, I know something very funny about sex, and you’ll never know what it is.
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Oliver: I’ll walk with you.
Diane Priest: I don’t need masculine protection.
Oliver: Certainly not mine. I have the body of a weak and feeble man.
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Diane Priest: Just go away… forever.
Oliver: If I do, you’ll never find out.
Diane Priest: What?
Oliver: The very funny thing I know about sex.
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T. H. Moody: Oh, you teach, uh, Comparative Religion?
Oliver: My chosen specialist subject. I originally planned to go off to London to play a cool jazz tenor saxophone, but somehow I drifted.
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