Gay marriage simply doesn’t exist …

… by definition:

It’s time all this silly nonsense just ceased. [By the way, my comment was posted after the one which appears below it and the third was before that.]



Positive note – vast majority of commenters are scathing.   That is magnificent – it shows there is still common sense in many people out there in our country.   It really gives one hope for the country, if only we can flush the entire Westminster village out and start over.


And did you see the mealy-mouthed, biased question the Telegraph asked?   Good thing exasperated people slapped it down anyway, despite all efforts to make a a yes vote guilt-ridden and a no vote sound even-handed.

Now let’s re-ask that accurately:

Yes, it is important to respect minority’s views and the right to pursue their own beliefs in their own way

No, what small lobby groups with inordinate power want should be forced onto everyone by the government, riding roughshod over sensibilities and traditions

And here’s the other lot trying it on with an unbelievably biased and dishonest question and getting slapped down as well:

Now, will you finally take this as your answer?   Or are you going to do an Irish referendum until you get the answer you want?

UPDATE 18:47 – oh ho ho!   Well lookee here – do you see the Telegraph poll?  Note the yes above and the no below.   They obviously suspected a donkey vote so look at this now – they’ve reversed the order and it’s cut back the yes to 60% odd.   Now that is amazingly dishonest and shows that the major organs are desperate to get a pro-gay-marriage vote they can then quote:

But they’re not getting it.  There was such a reaction from decent people such as I bet the Telegraph hadn’t seen for some time, which caused the lefty trolls to say things like: “Bigots!”

You utter hypocrites – it’s YOU who are trying to force YOUR views onto us, assailing us with your bigotry.  We didn’t set out to force anything onto anyone.   Latest comment a few seconds ago and then time to leave it go:

3 comments for “Gay marriage simply doesn’t exist …

  1. December 7, 2012 at 16:27

    Assuming Dave and Nick aren’t an item, surely the whole thing is baffling even in terms of political calculation – votes gained versus votes lost.

  2. December 7, 2012 at 16:49

    Yes, political side of it is quite baffling. He’s already had his party in uproar – the only explanation I can think of is that he’s being leaned on quite heavily by the EU.

    Or perhaps by the real power Wilson and others spoke about in no more than a whisper.

  3. December 7, 2012 at 23:54

    I noticed the havily loaded wording of the Telegraph poll. Forgive this lengthy cut’n’paste but I think it worth reading before it disappears under thousands of Telegraph comments.

    ” Bionic_Snozzberry
    46 minutes ago
    to bigjim and others

    I am a lesbian, I have been “out” for 20 years, in that time I have met, known, dined with, drunk with, partied with and slept with, many hundreds of gay women. I have also known and met many hundreds more gay men, from places as far away as iceland, Brazil and Japan.

    I can put my hand on my heart and tell you honestly that in those 20 years, and with all the LGBT people I have met, only 2 complained about not being able to get married in a church.

    When the change in the law was first announced there were none more surprised than the majority of the “gay community” (whatever that means) and I currently, throughout my wide circle of friends, do not know anyone who has been agitating for it, thinks its a good idea or who would avail themselves of it.

    This has not come from the gay community, by and large we are very happy with Civil Partnerships. If you want to know where this has come from look no further than Cameron, Clegg and that Featherstone woman. The Lib Dems desperate to look relevant and the Cameroons desperate to “detoxify the tory brand” all of whom have found common ground with a tiny number of gay activists who, driven by some twisted, bitterness and desire for revenge do not speak for anyone except themselves. Indeed I have been verbally abused myself because of this, NOT by gays but by liberal heterosexuals telling me, a gay woman that my views, on this topic of all topics are irrelevant (so much for the fabled liberal inclusivity), they are so convinced of their own moral superiority it means imposing things on an entire community against the majority view of the members of that community.

    You will not hear people like me say what I say very often. Not because we dont exist in large numbers, we do, we are the majority. You wont hear us because we are frozen out of the debate, our voices drowned in the swirling cacophony of righteous liberal zealotry. Our views are not helpful you see, even though our views stem from an understanding of the pain and hurt any such changes will cause to an enormous amount of people and from knowing that as soon as changes are made, the same liberal heterosexuals will start the process of forcing the church to accept gay marriage, taking the process to the ECHR which make any promises made by Cameron or others to the contrary pretty meaningless.

    Look to your politicians. Make no mistake, they are responsible for this.


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