Meanwhile, the dystopia gets worse


In the same vein as the 11:00 post today on that Christiana Figueres and her dystopic proposals, here’s yet another:

Democrats just elected Maxine Waters to the top Democratic spot on the House Financial Services committee.

This is really an extraordinary development.  “Flabbergasting” might be a more apt word.  Leave aside the recent ethics investigation over whether she used her position on the committee to help a bank her husband was involved with (which ended with her chief of staff getting reprimanded). Maxine Waters reliably delivers the craziest questions and the most bizarre speeches on that committee, and tends to demonstrate a stunning lack of grasp of the committee’s core subject matter.

The classic of the her oeuvre is, of course, the committee hearing on the financial crisis, in which eight heads of major financial institutions like Citi, State Street, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley were pretty ruthlessly grilled by members of Congress about how they had gotten the economy into the largest catastrophe since the Great Depression, and the greatest capital loss in history.

This sort of woman is a serious menace, if only for her absolute conviction that she isn’t and that she knows how to set things right. The PTB are sitting back in their clubrooms and wherever else they congregate, laughing to themselves – it’s all going swimmingly out there, is it not?

One female commenter wrote about Mad Max:

Her contribution to Dodd-Frank was to require all federal financial regulators to have an “Office of Women and Minority Inclusion” — even though they all already had offices devoted to enforcing the various Civil Rights Act, the ADA, the ADEA, etc. etc.

How do they get into those positions, how do they get appointed?  Where are the good people whilst this is going on?  And here is financial journalist Megan McArdle about appointing Maxine Waters to anything:

The best hope is that this is entirely symbolic, and they figure it’s safe to make her the senior member as long as she won’t actually be in charge of anything.  But having put her in a highly visible slot, it will be very difficult to dislodge her in the event that the Democrats retake the house, and Maxine Waters is expected to actually architect new legislation concerning the financial system.  And even typing those words strikes terror into my heart.

You might ask would I want her replaced by a man. Hell no – why not replace her with Megan McArdle if you must have a woman in there to satisfy a quota. At least she is in the game and knows something of what she speaks.

Amfortas points to yet another:

Following an election where the alleged “War on Women” was a major incentive to vote for a number of citizens, an Ohio community college asked a construction crew to remove the common “Men Working” sign after an administrator reportedly found it sexist and non-inclusive.

Fox News’ Ted Starnes has more:

The construction crew at Sinclair Community College in Dayton was forced to stop working until the sign had been removed.

A spokesman for the college told Fox News that they have a deep commitment to diversity and take it quite seriously.

“While it may not have been necessary to suggest work be stopped, we stand by our commitment to providing an environment that is inclusive and non-discriminatory,” director of public information Adam Murka told Fox News.

The controversy started when a female employee took issue with the “Men at Work” sign. Murka said the employee suggested several alternative phrases to the hard hats – including “construction zone.”

He said the construction worker complied with the college’s demands and removed the sign. At this point it’s unclear what the wording of the replacement sign will be.

It never ends, they never rest – they continue their lunacy day in, day out.

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  1. james wilson
    December 10, 2012 at 18:25

    I should hope that all the Democrat representatives would represent incompetence so plainly. Promote away. Maxine Waters is, literally, what was once defined as retarded before that standard was officially lowered over forty years ago. Very intelligent leftists are a great deal more trouble.

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