More from the bollox factories

Chuckles observes:

Received wisdom meets pop psychology, with the occasional nugget amidst the dross:

Weapons grade bollocks. A 1/10th second glance at the pic is enough to ascertain that, without even reading the article:

Haiku adds:

I particularly loved the following.

Another interesting shift that Meeker describes, seen all around us, is what she calls the move from an asset-heavy lifestyle to an asset-light existence. In practice Meeker sees this manifesting itself in how we access documents, music, and all manner of media digitally and in the cloud versus in some physical form. She points to the sharing economy, from cars to housing, as another example of this shift.

Amazon, iTunes, the RIAA & the MPAA etc. have managed to sell the concept that we now pay the full retail price – preferably for each format of the same item – for hiring access [a.k.a. visitation rights] to that which we have purchased …

To which I add that there is so much dross written by vaguely modern, left-liberalish, feel-goody, do-goody, well isn’t it all lovely types that it clogs up the net andif anything needs regulation [which it doesn’t], then it is that. Things like Meeker’s outpourings.