Saturday feast

There comes a time when the material coming through from various sources, most notably Chuckles and haiku, overwhelms the number of “slots” in the day and becomes an embarrassment of riches. That’s before we even get to topical issues of the day, as distinct from that week.

Around 150 stories for around 12 slots over the weekend and not wishing to discard any, there has to be a mechanism and the only mechanism I can see is to list quite a few of these a bit like a round-up.

1. 2012: the year in pics:


2. The Real Life “George Bailey” Who Founded Bank of Italy which Became Bank of America

The man was A.P. Giannini who was said to be who Capra modeled the character of George Bailey as well as the bank president in Capra’s 1932 movie, American Madness, after.  At the age of 14, Giannini left school and began working with his step father, Lorenzo Scatena, in the produce industry as a produce broker.  By the time he was 31, he was able to sell much of his interest in this company to his employees and had planned to retire.  However, one year later, he was asked to join the Columbus Savings & Loan Society, which was a small bank in North Beach, California.

3. Why atheist scientists bring their children to church:

The formula seems simple: parents pass down what they believe to their children. Atheist parents don’t believe in God or go to church, therefore…. Yet, a surprisingly large number of atheist scientists from elite universities raise their children in a religious community such as a church. Sociologists Elaine Ecklund (Rice University) and Kristen Lee (University of Buffalo, SUNY) found that these atheist scientists do so because they want to give their children religious choice, have a religious spouse, or think that religious communities will give their children moral bearings and community.

4.  Windows 9 and Metro:

Windows Blue is in the works, has a more customizable version of Metro

5.  Les Miserables review:

I am pretty certain that the movie is objectively superior in every way to the live musical. You can see all of the characters close up, the sets are gorgeous, and every scene is going to have a higher level of perfection because they can be shot multiple times until they are just right, and then they are edited afterward. Live theater is a positional good which is desirable because it’s expensive.

6.  CERN is certain yet again:


7.  Too late for Chistmas – aaagh, frigate!

The Disposal Services Authority (DSA) is inviting expressions of interest in tendering for the Type 22 Frigates HMS Chatham, HMS Campbeltown, HMS Cumberland and HMS Cornwall, for the following:

  • Further use
  • Sinking for an artificial reef
  • Recycling

8. 14 year old invents solar powered water purification:

After much research, she developed a solar-powered purification system in her backyard that eventually earned her a $25,000 award from the The Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge.

9.  More stunning earth moments

10.  Mailvelope Offers Free, Easy-to-Use PGP Encryption for Gmail, Outlook, and Other Webmail Services

Mailvelope is in beta, and there’s a full extension available for Chrome, and an early beta available for Firefox, but when we tested it both extensions worked well. Gmail/Google Apps, Outlook, Yahoo!, and GMX are all supported, and the app can be configured to support others. After installing the extension, you can generate your own public and private keys to use to encrypt messages in the extension’s preferences.

11.  Shut up and take my money:

The Aeros rigid body airship uses a novel buoyancy management system to provide the ability to carry up to 66 tons of freight or passengers, with a range of 3,000 nautical miles, and the ability to land and take off vertically from any flat surface. Cruising speed is 110 knots, with better fuel economy than other aircraft with heavy lift capability.

12. A plethora of other interesting ones:

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  1. December 29, 2012 at 18:55

    “There comes a time when the material coming through from various sources, most notably Chuckles and haiku, overwhelms”

    I’m sure it can overwhelm the reader too. I miss may posts which I know I’d enjoy reading, not just at NO, because there is so much out there.

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